ASRock Z690 Taichi – OCInside

Under full load (Cinebench 23 and Furmark in combination), the power consumption was a good 555 watts, after which the power limits reached a good 480 watts. The heat sinks around the CPU socket didn’t get unnaturally hot either, to be exact 40°C to the left of and 45°C above the CPU. The board didn’t get particularly warm after 35 minutes in the Aida64 system stability test either, we measured around 40°C and 44°C.

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NZXT N5 Z690 – Overclocking

NZXT offers this N5 Z690 motherboard in both white and black versions for $ 239.99 . A price that places it in direct competition with the excellent MSI Z690 PRO-A. The Match is difficult but the atypical design of this N5 Z690 gives it a serious advantage. NZXT therefore seems to be on the right track to become a serious competitor to the biggest brands that are already well established.

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NZXT N7 Z690 – Hardware Inside

With the N7 Z690, NZXT has brought a mainboard onto the market that not only impresses with its external appearance. It is also well equipped at the same time and comes with 12+1 phases, which ensure good power supply and stability of the processor. At first we were skeptical about the power stages, but then we were taught better, because the values ​​we achieved speak for themselves. 

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MSI MEG Z690 ACE – CowcotLand

The MSI MEG Z690 ACE is therefore a high-end motherboard intended in part for overclockers with competition VRMs: 19+1+2 phases at 105 A, excellent heatsinks, an LED display and even two BIOSes. But also to professionals by acquiring two Ethernet ports and a very complete Thunderbolt connection. It is a card in E-ATX format and not in ATX format, so it will not adapt to all cases. Pay attention!

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MSI MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI DDR4 – itndaily

What is missing on MSI MPG Z690 Edge WIFI DDR4? Hot buttons for turning on / restarting the PC, as well as the POST indicator, but fortunately, special diagnostic lamps are placed next to the DDR4 memory connectors, notifying the user about the successful / unsuccessful completion of the initial check of components (CPU, DRAM, VGA, Boot).

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The processing of the mainboard is first-class and the design is really well done in our eyes. There is basically nothing to complain about in terms of equipment either. Biostar has packed pretty much everything on the mainboard that is currently possible. In terms of overclocking skills, the Z690 Valkyrie leaves absolutely nothing to be desired, since almost everything can be modified.

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MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI – Hardwareluxx

Just like the ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 (Hardwareluxx test) , the MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI was established on the market with high-contrast optics. The PCB comes in ATX dimensions and is black, while the heatsinks themselves are silver. From the iF International Forum Design GmbH – based in the state capital of Lower Saxony – the circuit board was able to claim  the Design Award 2022 alongside the MEG Z690 GODLIKE.

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ASRock B660 Steel Legend – CowcotLand

ASRock B6Now that we’ve tested several motherboards based on the Z690 chipset, let’s tackle the B660 chipset. A chipset which will have fewer features than the Z690 but which will satisfy the vast majority of users. And above all, for a more affordable price. And the first B660 in this test series is the ASRock B660 Steel Legend. A board with white heatsinks on a PCB with a military print. A pretty card that will appeal to those who want to set up a white setup. The B660 Steel Legend is designed to work with DDR4 memory, which should reduce the bill.

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BIOSTAR J4105NHU – Hardware-Inside

Biostar sent us another board with a soldered CPU, the Biostar J4105NHU. This is a Mini-ITX mainboard with an energy-saving Intel Celeron J4105 (4K/4T), which clocks at a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz to 2.5 GHz. The Biostar J4105NHU is not aimed at gamers, but it should be a good choice for a very compact and energy-saving multimedia or living room PC. You can find out in our test whether the Biostar J4105NHU meets these expectations and what else it offers.

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MSI MAG X570S TORPEDO MAX – Hardware Journal

The board presented today can score with a price of around 200 euros (as of May 2022) and even if the AM4 socket will soon be replaced, AMD has once again underlined how much potential this has with the presentation of the new AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D platform stuck. But before we get into the motherboard, a quick recap of what the buyer can expect inside the box. In addition to the usual accessories such as instructions, CDs, stickers, cables and screws for the M.2 slots, MSI also puts a USB stick in the box with the mainboard. 

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