The Z490 chipset is built to accommodate the best of Comet Lake, however some prefer to use small mini-ITX configurations rather than ATX format monsters. In this game, manufacturers have not turned a deaf ear and have released a few models in small format, allowing you to take advantage of the best of the latest generation of processors from Intel, at least on paper. 

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Performance on the Apex was right around most other boards, particularly those with a bit more freedom from the Intel specification. Gaming performance was on par or better than most boards, and the other data sets showed similar results. As far as overclocking, we had zero issues pushing our Intel Core i9-10900K CPU to 5.2 GHz. RAM overclocking was painless, easily handling our DDR4 4000 kit. However, the board set the System Agent (VccSA) and IO (VccIO) voltage higher than most.

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NZXT N7 Z490

If we are used to the quartet of usual manufacturers in France, a few players have appeared in recent years in our provinces, in particular with NZXT, which has decided to release its own motherboards, and this for 2 generations of chipset at Intel. This will therefore be the third iteration for the manufacturer, which presents its N7 Z490 card , which the Comptoir has tested for you, in order to see what the outsider is worth.

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EVGA Z490 Dark

In this review I’ll be looking at what might be considered the only game in town for Extreme Overclocking, the EVGA Z490 Dark.  Much like what DFI did with their LanParty boards the EVGA Dark is what I would call a revision and enhancement to the EVGA Z490 FTW that improves and tunes the motherboard to handle all sorts of overclocking and extreme system builds while still offering out of box performance for fans of high-end hardware.

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A rare review of something compact does not begin with words about the difficulties of pushing top straps and equipment into a compact format and the use of non-standard engineering solutions for this. This is doubly relevant when we are talking not about a slightly truncated mini-ATX motherboard, where, in general, even without liters of sweats from engineers, everything climbs so well, but about choosing a real hardcore player!

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NZXT N7 Z490

Motherboards are rarely aesthetically pleasing. Sure, we’ve long since moved on from green PCBs and cream-colored slots, but the majority of MOBOs still look ugly. Most opt for a “gamer” look, which is fine for some folks, but what about those who value a minimalist and clean PC build? Enter the N7 Z490 motherboard from NZXT, with its frankly beautiful design.

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The ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME is the latest iteration of the Maximus line which began about 10 years ago as one of the earliest entries into the ROG family. This one utilizes Intel’s Z490 Express chipset and supports it’s LGA 1200 socket processors and Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs. This is not what you would call a value solution. The Maximus XII Extreme costs of $742.99 on Amazon at the time of this writing.

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The TUF Gaming Z490-PLUS model (WI-FI) is a motherboard in ATX format that allows thanks to its 12 + 2 phase Dr. MOS power circuit to guarantee stability and overclocking capability to Intel K series processors such as the our i7-10700K without any problem. The card has a full TUF style design and has all the main features on board to be able to assemble a system for Gaming, Overclocking or connectivity thanks to the AX201 Wi-Fi 6 module.

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The Z490I Ultra is an overall fantastic board with no major issues to speak of. I would like to see some refinements in UEFI to add secure erase functionality, removing the need for specialized software in Windows. Additionally, EasyTune will need some work as I could not load it despite several attempts to reinstall, etc. That said, for those wanting a software solution for tuning, XTU is freely available from Intel.

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Dot Esports – Best Z490 Motherboards of 2020

Intel’s 10th generation processors are the latest to hit the market and offer superior speed and processing power compared to older iterations. They’re also the best gaming processors but need a Z490 motherboard that supports Socket LGA 1200 to work. 

The new socket design features 49 more pins than the previous LGA 1151 and can support 10 cores. They also support modern technology like VP9 10-bit encoding, HDR, and HEVC.

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