EVGA Z490 DARK K|NGP|N Edition

Introducing the Z490 DARK K|NGP|N Edition, now the premier motherboard in EVGA’s Z490 lineup. The Z490 DARK K|NGP|N is a limited-edition motherboard that features validated support for memory speeds at 5000MHz+ (OC), and a collectable retail box hand-signed by K|NGP|N himself.

The EVGA Z490 DARK K|NGP|N is also packaged with an 18-phase power design, right-angled connectors, and an Intel® 2.5 GbE NIC to ensure that the only limitation of your Z490 DARK K|NGP|N is your imagination. The Z490 DARK K|NGP|N is a masterwork of design and engineering, bringing the best performance and stability available on the Z490 chipset.

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EVGA has always gone their own direction and the Z490 FTW isn’t any different. In a lot of ways, this board looks a lot like previous FTW boards like the Z390 and Z370 models. Mostly because of the silver metal cover over the rear I/o and the otherwise plain styling on the rest of the board. EVGA has always been about simple and black and they always avoid lighting which makes the inclusion of RGB lighting an interesting addition.

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EVGA Z390 Dark

The rotated CPU socket and DIMM slots do seem to help with airflow levels and the 17-phase VRM design does wonders when it comes to overclocking (can easily go well over 5GHZ on the i9-9900K if you have a very good cooler). RAM compatibility is also very good since the Z390 Dark supports modules with speeds surpassing 4600MHZ (we may get a chance to test some 4800MHZ modules on it to verify this).

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EVGA Z390 Dark

EVGA have taken a different approach with the Dark, looking at the lessons they’ve learnt from their experience with the X299 Dark motherboard and dispensing with the “stuff it full of RGB” approach favoured by most other manufacturers. Instead they have gone all in with producing a motherboard where all the rough edges have been smoothed off and the focus is solely upon bringing the highest possible performance to your desktop.

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EVGA’s motherboards have long held a strong following within the PC DIY community. EVGA maintains a relatively small motherboard portfolio by the standards of its competitors, just a handful of motherboards per chipset, containing models specifically for overclockers and gamers alike. EVGA simply does not do a “low-end” or “entry-level” motherboard for Z390, as the Z390 FTW intends to demonstrate.

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EVGA X299 Dark

The EVGA Dark has a few things that we think are unique to it. VRM temperatures have been a, ahem, hot button issue since the launch of the X299 chipset and EVGA have gone out of their way to ensure that your temperatures remain cool with high fin density and two fans ensuring that even the harshest environment wont over stress them. 

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