Asus’ ROG Maximus XIII Hero hits the motherboard scene offering users an extended features list, premium styling, and a price tag of $499.99. While that’s certainly expensive, it’s no longer flagship motherboard territory in terms of pricing. The latest Hero includes loads of USB ports (including ultra-fast Thunderbolt Type-C), high-quality VRMs and four M.2 sockets. All that, plus a high-end appearance and overall good performance help make this board worth the cost of admission.

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Our Intel Core i9-11900K struggles with stability once we exceed 5GHz on all cores, but Hero wasn’t able to achieve 5GHz across all cores – instead, we had to settle for 4.9GHz with substantial CPU voltage of 1.39v. This surprised us, cheaper boards managed to squeeze out higher frequency with less voltage.

ROG motherboards are never on the cheap side, so as expected, Hero sits at GBP £459 | USD $500 | AUD $800. This marks Hero as one of the more expensive models available. Is it worth it? From a performance standpoint, no. But, if you require the advanced features/ports and favour the design, then it is something to consider.

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ROG Maximus XIII Hero (Wi-Fi) can accommodate up to four NVMe storage devices (2x Gen 3.0 2x Gen 4.0), cooled with heatsinks. This board features an Intel WiFi 6 adapter and two Ethernet 2.5 GigE LAN ports, unfortunately, that’s down from 5 GigE from the Z490 model. The fantastically dark-looking and themed motherboard can be customized LEDs wise with Aura Sync and the onboard Gen 2 addressable RGB LED headers. ASUS once again applies that familiar dark shielded design, optimized for cooling and armed with a proper feature set to build around 18 (18+2) power stages.

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The ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO is the beginning of the climb to even more complete and sophisticated models as well as, alas, expensive. The ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO really offers many features and allows a 360-degree use. To name a few features, it comes with 4 slots for M.2 SSDs,2 PCI-Express x16 slots now and finally 4.0 to counter AMD albeit late, 3 ARGB headers, a 14 + 2 phase power section with a dissipation entrusted to heavy but refined aluminum heatsinks. In short, the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO is a motherboard to discover without doing too much talk then Let’s Go.

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The scope of delivery is not very large, but you can find everything you need and even more in it. A set of new branded stickers, a metal sticker, a disc with drivers and software, a user manual, a card with information about the ROG series, four SATA cables, two adapters for RGB tapes of different types, an adapter for simplifying the connection of cables for the front panel of the case, a fabric logo keychain and metal holder for a video card. An external antenna with an updated design for the pre-installed Intel Wi-Fi 6E module is located in a separate box.

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If you want one of the best Z590 motherboards out there, before prices start getting absolutely crazy, then yes! This board has almost everything anyone could want from the Z590 platform when paired with an 11th gen CPU from Intel. Most people will not need to look further than this unless they are an extreme overclocker in which case they can look at the MAXIMUS XIII Extreme. However, the Extreme costs over twice as much as the Hero, thus making the Hero the much more viable option for your everyday user.

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The ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero features a robust VRM cooling solution, all paired with no less than 16 power stages from Infineon. BIOS flashback has also been included, as well as ASUS’s excellent BIOS designed to provide an optimal, stress-free overclocking experience. The ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero also offers great connectivity with not only WiFi 6, but also dual 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet, Thunderbolt 4 and four M.2 slots. All of this performance is bundled into a sleek, modern package with excellent RGB options for those who want more flare in their final build.

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ASUS Z590 ROG MAXIMUS Boards Detailed

ASUS began taking preorders for its Z590 motherboards just yesterday. Among TUF and STRIX series, only one ROG Maximus motherboard is currently listed on Amazon, the XIII Hero. The Hero series has always been very popular, often being the best compromise between ridiculously priced Extreme or Apex series while still offering all premium and often unnecessary features that we simply ‘want’ to have from the Maximus series.

ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero, Extreme, and Extreme Glacial have all been detailed in a new slide deck that was just sent to us. The presentation has a lot of details that we are not going to repeat in this post. We encourage you to just click on the first slide and enjoy the presentation.

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ASUS Announces Z590 Motherboards

It’s a rare thing when life lets you have it both ways, but that’s exactly what you’ll find from Intel’s Z590 desktop platform, launching today at CES 2021. Z590 motherboards maintain support for the stratospheric clock speeds and impressive multithreaded performance of Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors. At the same time, they’re ready for lift-off with all of the next-gen features of the upcoming 11th Gen Core CPU family, code-named Rocket Lake. A full array of ASUS Z590 motherboards is on its way, and whether you choose from the top-shelf ROG Maximus XIII series, the sleek and speedy ROG Strix line, the rugged TUF Gaming family, or the purposeful Prime lineup, you can be sure of a smooth and reliable PC build. We’ll have full details on all of those motherboards soon, but we want you to have a taste of what to expect today.

For the ASUS Z590 lineup, we’re tapping into all of the platform features offered by 11th Gen Core CPUs to offer Intel PC DIY enthusiasts a thoroughly cutting-edge experience. When paired with those upcoming CPUs, ASUS Z590 motherboards will offer up to 16 lanes of PCI Express 4.0 connectivity direct from the processor, delivering up to 32GB/s of bandwidth for today’s highest-performance discrete GPUs. The Z590 platform also taps four dedicated PCIe 4.0 lanes from the processor for maximum performance with the latest solid-state drives.

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Keeping up with the trend of pictured upcoming boards today, we have initial photos of the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME GLACIAL, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO, ASUS PRIME Z590-A and the ASUS TUF Z590-PLUS WIFI, courtesy of VideoCardz and user harukaze5719 on Twitter. The EXTREM GLACIAL is clearly going to be a gorgeous but extremely expensive board, featuring built in waterblocks. The TUF and PRIME are also very attractive boards with large VRM heatsinks, dual M.2 slots with integrated heatsinks and more. Head on over for a better look at these boards.