ASRock Beta X370, B350 & A320 BIOS’ for Ryzen 5000

ASRock has released BETA BIOS support AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPUs on its X370, B350 & A320 line of motherboards. The BIOS for each respective AMD 300-series chipset motherboard are now available to download over at HKEPC if you want to run your brand new Vermeer chip on an older motherboard.

According to HKEPC, ASRock has provided them BETA BIOS for a total of 16 X370, B350 and A320 motherboards. These motherboards date all the way back to 2017 when the first AMD Ryzen CPUs were launched so they are quite old but there are plenty of users who still own these boards and are running either 1st or 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs on them. The site reports that there are no issues in terms of AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU support but full stability for the chips is not guaranteed.

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Ryzen 5000 Comes to ASRock X370?

The BIOS revision may simply be a modded version of an existing firmware, made by an enthusiast or otherwise. The new BIOS revision comes on the heels of numerous reports that users have simply flashed the X470 Taichi’s BIOS to older X370 Taichi motherboards and successfully enabled support for the Ryzen 5000 processors.

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For example, the Gaming K5 lacks the audio part of the Gaming 5, which is as separate as possible from the rest of the PCB . But apart from that, differences can be seen in the details. The area to the left of the memory slots has significantly more solder contacts on the Gaming 5 than is the case with the K5 .

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In keeping with its name, the XPower Gaming Titanium is titanium-colored. The cooler and the PCB are designed in this color. Together with the black components such as the processor base and the memory slots, the result is a very harmonious color concept. Openwork is the optics only by the red OC button, and the inside of the USB -3.1 front connector.

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ASRock Z370 Taichi

The Z370 Taichi shoots for the stars, covering its power delivery area with dual heatsinks connected via heat pipe, three high-speed M.2 slots, eight SATA ports, SLI/Crossfire support for gaming, as well as USB 3.1 ports on the rear panel and an additional header for front panel USB 3.1 connectivity. 

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ASRock X370 Taichi

What both have in common is the typical Taichi look, but apart from that they also share some other similarities. This includes, for example, the integrated WLAN controller, which makes it the only AM4 mainboard in our test with this technology. ASRock also installs the same audio controller in both boards.

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ASRock X370 Pro4

ASRock sent us the X370 Pro4 just before the launch of AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen. This was unexpected because we knew full well the new Ryzens would be accompanied by the X470 chipset, which meant the X370 Pro4 felt old before its time.

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