Power stages toe the recent overkill line. Z590-E Gaming WiFi has 16 70A (1,120A!) arranged in seven twinned phases for the CPU and a twinned pair for SoC. Good luck in getting 1,000A through an 11th Gen chip. Thirsty though they are, even a Core i9-11900K running with full ABT support consumes no more than 200A. Overkill is also apt, in a nice way, for the heatpipe-connected VRM ‘sinks. Asus also does well with the M.2 heatsinks as they’re sufficiently chunky and, for the primary one, has thermal tape on both sides.

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The CVN Z590M GAMING PRO features Resizable BAR technology that allows the processor to access graphics card memory to boost overall performance. The motherboard is equipped with a 10+2 hybrid digital power phase design, capable of delivering stable overclocks for up to an Intel Core i9 processor. It also comes equipped with metal-reinforced PCIe slots to support heavy high-performance graphics cards. The rear I/O includes a high-speed USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C port. The motherboard also has an integrated rear I/O shield.

Compact and Powerful
The COLORFUL CVN Z590M GAMING PRO motherboard supports the 11th and 10th-generation Intel Core processors of up to a powerful i9 processor. The 10+2 digital hybrid power phase design offers superb overclocking capability accompanied with efficient heat dissipation delivered by the improved cooling armor in a compact micro-ATX motherboard form-factor.

The CVN Z590M GAMING PRO supports PCIe 4.0 technology that offers 2X faster bandwidth than PCIe 3.0. The motherboard can be equipped with PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs that reaches read and write speeds of 7000 MB/s. PCIe 4.0 enables the latest NVIDIA graphics cards to utilize the innovative Resizable BAR, an optional PCI Express interface technology that allows the CPU to directly access graphics card memory as available resources to boost performance.

Improved Cooling Armor
The COLORFUL CVN Z590M GAMING PRO motherboard sports enlarged RIMY Cooling Armor by 30% compared to the previous generation motherboard. The improved cooling solution dissipates heat faster for higher overclocks with superb stability. The PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots also come with enlarged heatsinks to unleash the full potential of PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs without thermal throttling.

Customize and Control with iGame Center
COLORFUL proudly introduces the improved iGame Center software for RGB customizable and control and more. The COLORFUL 500 Series motherboards support the new and optimized version of the iGame Center software. Users can fully customize the CVN Z590M GAMING PRO RGB lighting elements and synchronize RGB lighting with other RGB lighting components installed via the motherboard RGB header.

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The Gaming Carbon packs in a 16-phase VRM with 75a power stages. There are an additional 1+1 for the system agent and IGP too. Dual 8-pin power connectors mean this board will handle any kind of overclock you want to throw at it. Your cooling will give out long before the board itself hits a wall. In fact, just running Adaptive Boost will stress anything less than a chiller or TEC!

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Asus’ ROG Maximus XIII Hero hits the motherboard scene offering users an extended features list, premium styling, and a price tag of $499.99. While that’s certainly expensive, it’s no longer flagship motherboard territory in terms of pricing. The latest Hero includes loads of USB ports (including ultra-fast Thunderbolt Type-C), high-quality VRMs and four M.2 sockets. All that, plus a high-end appearance and overall good performance help make this board worth the cost of admission.

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MSI MPG Z590 CARBON EK X – Overclocking

First of all, the performance, which is excellent with our i9-11900K and which is quite close to what we were able to achieve with the MEG Z590 ACE model. This “Carbon EK X” version also offers ultra-complete connectivity with three SSD slots as well as numerous USB ports as well as the presence of an HDMI and DisplayPort output. And not to spoil anything, the displayed price of 508.30 euros seems perfectly justified to us. If we perform a very fast calculation, we have a waterblock whose price we estimate at 175 euros, the EK-Leak Tester at 35.50 euros and a voucher from EK worth 50 euros, which makes us a total of 235.50 euros. 

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BIOSTAR Z590 VALKYRIE – Tom’s Hardware

Early performance aside, Biostar brought a solid board to the table. From its flagship-class VRMs, three M.2 sockets and premium audio (albeit from the last generation), the Valkyrie is a step up from its Z490 offerings. Curiously, a Wi-Fi antenna is included, but the board does not come with Wi-Fi. You’ll need to add a card (up to 6E capability) or stick to Ethernet. There are plenty of USB ports on the rear IO, with six USB 3.2 Gen 2 or greater. We’ll cover all the features the Valkyrie has to offer below. But first, here are the full specifications from Biostar.

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MASTER delivers a strong feature-set which covers all but one area – there are no Thunderbolt 4 ports. We’d have liked to see such a feature on a high-end solution like this. Regardless of this, we still get a generous selection of USB 3.2, M.2 storage support and DDR4 compatibility up to 5400MHz. For those wanting more than the average slice of features, MASTER supplies voltage checkpoints, LED debug, onboard power/reset buttons and a dual BIOS switch. There is no denying that this is a well-designed motherboard which caters for tech enthusiasts.

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ASRock Z590 Extreme – FunkyKit

ASRock Z590 Extreme delivers everything that most gamers need. It’s fast, stable, offers compatibility with a wide range of devices, supports RGB and ARGB illumination standards, and overclocks well. Its name can be a bit misleading as it’s not really an extreme motherboard but still really solid and may give a lot of fun to its users. Those who are searching for something really extreme, have to wait some more for the OC Formula which was just announced.

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The ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E-Gaming-WiFi is currently available in stores at a price of around € 350. Above all, it convinces with its lavish features, such as PCIe 4.0 support, the very good power supply, the many USB connections, a graphics card holder, the four M.2 connections including a clever clamping device and much more. Of course, all of this has its price, which is why the mainboard is not that cheap. Nevertheless, the ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E gaming WiFi deserves a very clear recommendation.

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There are some obvious features missing from using a B560 motherboard and a Micro-ATX variant at that, but this may not matter to many enthusiasts who are simply wanting to indulge in Intel’s Rocket Lake without having it hit their wallet hard. Some of the higher-end features are missing but we still get USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 and of course, PCIe 4.0 (provided we use an 11th Gen CPU) for storage and the expansion slots. One disappointing inclusion is the sheer number of USB 2.0 and USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, this feels stagnant and we would have really liked to see more USB 3.2 Gen 2 instead.

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