ASRock Z690 Taichi – ThinkComputers

As we continue our coverage of Z690 motherboards we move over to ASRock and their Z690 Taichi motherboard. I’ve always been a fan of the Taichi series from ASRock as these boards were always loaded with features and they have that awesome clockwork theme. On the Z590 Taichi we finally got a moving gear on the board and of course they are bringing that back with the new Z690 version. On top of that you are getting all of the features you would expect from a Z690 motherboard like a 20 phase power design, PCI-Express 5.0 support, Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2 gen 2×2, WiFi 6E and so much more!

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – FunkyKit

The motherboard is absolutely feature-packed and comes in a matte black finish with some gold trimmings thats’s typical of their Taichi series. The entire board is covered by serveal large full length heatshield/heatspreaders that helps cool your SSDs. Near the top of the board, you’ll find extra heatsinks with heatpipe that helps to cool the VRMs/Mosfets surrounding the processor socket. There’s also a bundled 3cm high performance fan for better cooling and silence performance. 

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – HardwareCooking

In terms of connectivity, high-end motherboard means we are spoiled. Indeed, on the rear connector we can count on the presence of two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports (40 Gbps) supporting 27 W fast charging technology for mobile devices. We also have two PCIe 5.0 slots in x16 and a third in PCIe 4.0. You can also find a real Type-A USB 3.0 port directly on the motherboard PCB and a non-angled SATA port away from the others on the edge of the card. We have on this Taichi three slots for SSD in M.2 format and all have a heat sink to avoid  Thermal Throttling . On the other hand, be careful,no PCIe Gen5 for SSDs , we will be satisfied here with PCIe Gen4.

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – PC Magazine

Aesthetically, the Z690 Taichi is an attractive board with a black PCB, black heatsinks, and metallic copper highlights. Decorative LEDs are set over the chipset and the rear I/O shroud, as well as down the right side of the board, adding extra flair whenever the board is powered up. Much of the rear of the PCB is braced in metal plating for a sturdy, stiff feel.

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – Guru3D

This product is from a series that already appeared using the Z590 chipset, which we’ve reviewed not long ago. When looking at the overall specs, the ASRock Z690 Taichi isn’t much different from the predecessor, which would explain such a price difference. We can see the (not wanted) progress (?) in the prices as the new one is even more expensive, as the MSRP is 589.99 USD (that’s 130 USD more than Z590). For 629 USD, you can find the MSI Z690 Unify, and for about 600 USD, there’s an Asus Maximus Z690 Hero available. There are, of course, cheaper ASRock Z690 models like PG Velocita, Steel Legend (DDR4), so you should find your match.

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – HKEPC

ASROCK launches a new generation of Z690 TAICHI Taiji motherboard, with excellent power supply design and perfect peripheral functions, achieving a perfect balance between esports players and creators, up to 20 phase 105 ASPS power supply module, giant VRM heatsink and full-width armor, KillerAX1675 Wi-Fi 6E and E3100G 2.5GbE network mode, dual Thunderbolt 4 interface, ESS SABRE 9218 DAC sound, The fully blackened color scheme sets off the golden gear decoration that symbolizes the Tai Chi series, and it is worth mentioning that the gears on the I/O will turn after power On, which is really stylish!!

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – PC Gamer

Perhaps the main feature weakness of the board is its M.2 complement. There are only three slots, with one of them supporting PCIe 3.0 x2 only. It may not be an issue for a typical gamer with a couple of M.2 drives and a SATA drive or two, but the Taichi does lack a little compared to some other boards in this price range, ones that support up to five M.2 drives.

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – Tom’s Hardware

On the performance front, the Z690 Taichi did well in most tests, landing in between the other boards we’ve reviewed so far. Gaming and power consumption also tell us the same story, yielding average results. Overclocking the CPU on this board was straightforward, with just a few simple tweaks to run at our 5.1/4.1 GHz clocks. On the memory side of things, we set XMP and tested without issue. Read on for more details covering features, overclocking, and our opinion from testing and use. First, here’s a complete list of the ASRock Z690 specifications from the ASRock website.

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ASRock Z690 Motherboards Pictured @ Videocardz

The Z690 Taichi, Extreme, and Steel Legend represent the upper-tier in the lineup, although the company is also working on Aqua series featuring pre-installed monoblock. After the departure of the Fatal1ty series, ASRock initially focused on the Phantom Gaming series, but those appear to be going lower in the lineup with each generation.

Furthermore, the lack of H670/B660 and H610 boards here suggests those are not launching at the same time as the Z690 series.

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