SuperMicro SuperO C9Z490-PGW / PG: Physical Review – Steve’s Hardware

Don’t let its 6+2 phase VRM fool you, the C9Z490-PGW is loaded with high quality parts that are capable of taking your CPU to a very comfortable overclock without much hassle. The level of quality of the motherboard ensures excellent performance as well. The PEX8747 and the 10Gbit NIC are very nice additions, and pretty much make this a mixture between a high-end gaming/enthusiast motherboard and a workstation product.

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SuperMicro SuperO C9Z490-PGW

Supermicro is one of the most recognizable brands in the server and workstation market. Still, as we saw in our review of the C9Z390-PGW, Supermicro is consistently injecting its ‘server’ grade DNA into its desktop models. The difference between Z390 and Z490 isn’t as stark as it could be, with the main attribute coming in the way of networking support, with an integrated Wi-Fi 6 MAC, which allows users to utilize CNVi modules.

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Supermicro SuperO C9Z490-PGW

The SUPERO Pro Gaming series blows gamer’s expectations out of the water with top tier performance and a range of features that will get you to a higher level than ever before. Our C9Z490-PGW motherboard is fully loaded with our latest SUPERO Booster overclocking software, multiple high-speed storage options including M.2, and the fastest wired and wireless networking technologies.

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Supermicro SuperO C9Z390-CG-IW

The mini-ITX form factor continues to get more powerful as competition between AMD and Intel has driven up processor core counts over the past few years. With Intel’s newest Core i9 9900K it is now possible to pack 8 cores and 16 threads into a diminutive mini-ITX motherboard. More cores mean more power consumption so concerns about reliable power delivery and quality construction are paramount, concerns Supermicro hopes to allay with the SuperO C9Z390-CG-IW.

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Supermicro SuperO C9Z390-CG-IW

SuperO is bringing us many new products in last months. This time it’s the C9Z390-CG-IW so the motherboard based on the Z390 chipset in ITX format. Even though it’s small, it’s quite powerful what we can see looking at the specification (on the next page of this review). Times, when small motherboards were limited, are over and SuperO proves that once again.

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Supermicro SuperO C9Z390-PGW

The VRM on the C9Z390-PGW might only have six phases, but it was able to handle our overclock to 5.2GHz, we still recommend cooling fan pointed at the VRM. The six-phase VRM is capable of supporting the OC because of its quality level. Supermicro is also using the more expensive Texas Instruments re-drivers for USB 3.1 ports. They didn’t cut corners where they could have.

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