MSI Pro H610M 12VO Debuts ATX12VO

MSI looks set to roll out its first H610 chipset motherboard with support for the ATX12VO power connector standard. The MSI Pro H610M 12VO(opens in new tab) featured briefly in an MSI Insider broadcast in mid-January when mainstream Alder Lake processors were fresh, but only now is it being readied for retail, with its product page providing a features overview, gallery, and full specs. In January, we thought this might become a system integrators only product, but its appearance on the consumer site confounded this notion.

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The packaging for the CVN Z690M highlights the Intel 12th generation CPU support, and a QR code links to a marketing video for the motherboard. The back panel goes into more detail covering the different specifications and features, along with a rendering of the motherboard and four images highlighting various features. Various accessories are included with the motherboard like RGB cable, SATA cables, two antennas for Wi-Fi 6, USB and front panel headers, user manuals, and a driver CD.

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MSI MAG B660M MORTAR WIFI – Overclockers Russia

Now DDR4 is preferable, but in the future, in my opinion, motherboards with DDR5 support will be more relevant and in demand when it finally becomes mass-produced. I have already encountered this when moving from DDR2 to DDR3 and from DDR3 to DDR4. At MSI, usually the most affordable models belong to the MAG (MSI Arsenal Gaming) line. They are in the greatest demand because they combine high quality workmanship and element base, as well as excellent appearance, good functionality and a nice price.

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In this review, we will be taking a look at the CVN Z690M, which is the latest Colorful motherboard from their Gaming Frozen series. As the name suggests, the motherboard comes in a cold and frosty colors, which is mainly white and silver. I’m glad to see that Colorful keeps delivering black and white versions of the higher motherboard series. It gives a chance to design a PC in two different themes, and it’s not hard to notice that white motherboards do look special. It would be even better if one day we see a comeback to colorful PCBs like yellow, green, or red.

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If you want to use a large supercooler like the Noctua NH-D15 in your build, be prepared for it to cover all the DIMM slots as well as the M.2 socket closest to the CPU socket.

Four DIMM slots are great. Let me remind you that Alder Lake chips support up to 128 GB of DDR4 RAM. The maximum effective frequency of the modules is 4800 MHz – as indicated in the characteristics of the “Mortar”. True, the work of RAM is accompanied by a number of nuances, which will be discussed later. more @ 3DNews (Russian)

ASUS TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS WIFI D4 – Overclockers Russia

On the front there is a large image of the board itself, where everything is very clearly visible, except for the rear panel connectors. In the upper left corner is the manufacturer’s logo and its familiar slogan “In search of the incredible.” In the middle is the model name TUF Gaming B660M-Plus WIFI D4. The modification is indicated in white letters. At the very bottom, almost along the edge, there is a large group of icons. In the lower right corner is the new TUF Gaming series emblem.

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This is not your father’s Asus front-panel connector: While similar in shape to the one used on older boards, its divided into a now-standard Intel-style 9-pin group on the left, and a legacy PC Speaker /Chassis Intrusion / 3-pin Power LED group on the right. Above and to the left of this front-panel group are four SATA ports, two that point outward from the bottom edge and two that point forward from the front edge.

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ASUS PRIME B660M-K D4 – Overclockers Russia

This time the release of the new platform was much better prepared, but the global situation will still affect the supply and assortment. We have already seen the most budget board based on the Intel H610 chipset, on the Z690 too, but on the B660 it was only for the corporate segment. One could already imagine what we would expect for normal home use, and I thought that there would be no difference. It will be a heatsinkless model, reminiscent of the inexpensive H610 board, and with the functionality of the B660 board I was looking at.

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ASUS PRIME H610M-D D4 – Overclockers Russia

Maybe it is at such a time that budget models look the most relevant because you have to buy some devices to replace the old ones. Something can be repaired, but there are really difficult situations where repairs become unprofitable. However, on the other hand, the new Intel platform still needs a processor… Nevertheless, I continue to study budget models of ASUS motherboards, and today ASUS Prime H610M-D D4 is next in line.

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ASUS PRIME H610M-K D4 – Overclockers Russia

In this generation of motherboards, the very design of the packaging has changed. There is no longer a dark gloomy background, but a calm gray color. This shows the board itself. The image occupies the entire left half, and on the right is the manufacturer’s logo and model name. Everything is in large white characters, and along the bottom edge there is, perhaps, a record number of different icons

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