ASUS PRIME H610M-D D4 – Overclockers Russia

Maybe it is at such a time that budget models look the most relevant because you have to buy some devices to replace the old ones.¬†Something can be repaired, but there are really difficult situations where repairs become unprofitable.¬†However, on the other hand, the new Intel platform still needs a processor… Nevertheless, I continue to study budget models of ASUS motherboards, and today ASUS Prime H610M-D D4 is next in line.

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ASUS PRIME H610M-D D4 – GreenTech_Reviews

ASUS Prime H610M-D D4 comes in a box with an updated Prime design, which is also relevant for some other motherboards based on the Intel Z690 chipset. The manufacturer changed the design from the black and blue color scheme to gray. The name of the board, its image, as well as a set of logos of the technologies used are placed on the front side of the box.

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