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What is missing on MSI MPG Z690 Edge WIFI DDR4? Hot buttons for turning on / restarting the PC, as well as the POST indicator, but fortunately, special diagnostic lamps are placed next to the DDR4 memory connectors, notifying the user about the successful / unsuccessful completion of the initial check of components (CPU, DRAM, VGA, Boot).

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MSI delivers a Z690 motherboard at around 300 USD this motherboard however is loaded with premium features and is DDR4 compatible. All four M.2 slots are cooled, and there are a plethora of speedy USB ports on the board, as well as the most luxurious Realtek ALC4080 audio codec and integrated WiFi. Additionally, MSI offers a great VRM design.

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The DDR4 version of the MPG Z690 EDGE supports the twelfth generation Intel processors using the LGA 1700 socket. The board boasts an 18-phase (16+1+1) VRMS to handle the power requirements of the flagship 24-thread Intel Core i9-12900K. To cool the VRM, MSI uses two large milled aluminum heat sinks connected with a heat pipe. We have 7 W/mK thermal pads on the MOSFETs and the chokes to ensure good contact and heat dissipation. Also helping with heat dissipation is a 6-layer PCB made from IT-170 server-grade PCB material and 2 oz thickened copper.

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MSI MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI DDR4 – Overclockers Russia

The printed circuit board is black, the surface is matte. The manufacturer reports six layers of plating and two ounces of copper per layer. The board is rigid, does not bend and is still quite heavy. It is clear that it has several heatsinks, but it is not light in itself because thick layers of copper are used in the production of printed circuit boards.

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Powering the CPU is a direct 16+1+1 power stage design via dual 8-pin CPU power connectors. Cooling this monstrosity is a courtesy of CNC machined slabs of aluminum connected by a heat-pipe. This cooling solution actually extends way to the back panel I/O panel. As for other niceties, we have the usual arrangement of 4-pin fan headers here (total of 7) and the two 3-pin RGB LED headers.

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The difference is the upgrade of PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory, and today’s review is the MPG Z690 Edge Ti WIFI DDR4 motherboard from MSI. The product line is positioned at high-end performance. From the name, it can be seen that it supports WIFI and DDR4 memory, but there is no choice. DDR5 memory is not necessarily a bad thing, at least in terms of price, and now DDR4 may be a better choice for non-flagship motherboards. As for other configurations, let’s take a look.

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