NZXT N5 Z690 – Overclocking

NZXT offers this N5 Z690 motherboard in both white and black versions for $ 239.99 . A price that places it in direct competition with the excellent MSI Z690 PRO-A. The Match is difficult but the atypical design of this N5 Z690 gives it a serious advantage. NZXT therefore seems to be on the right track to become a serious competitor to the biggest brands that are already well established.

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NZXT N5 Z690 – KitGuru

There is an outside chance that you are unaware that NZXT sells motherboards, in which case you might find our previous N7 Z590 review useful so do please take a look. The main appeal of NZXT motherboards is that they look immaculate inside NZXT cases such as the H7 Flow, however here at KitGuru we also demand features and performance. Did the NZXT N5 Z690 really make me smile or is that a grimace of pain?

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NZXT N5 Z690 – eTeknix

The NZXT N5 Z690 is the first of its kind amongst the rest of the motherboards sold by NZXT. This board is the first time we have seen a lower tier board compared to other boards they’ve previously released which have been typically seen as part of the “N7” line-up with the most notable feature being the clean shielding that covers pretty much all of the board and matches perfectly with NZXT’s own brand of cases. This newer N5 approach from NZXT forgoes the shields and instead focuses on making a board simplistic, full of features and as easy to build with as possible.

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