The processing of the mainboard is first-class and the design is really well done in our eyes. There is basically nothing to complain about in terms of equipment either. Biostar has packed pretty much everything on the mainboard that is currently possible. In terms of overclocking skills, the Z690 Valkyrie leaves absolutely nothing to be desired, since almost everything can be modified.

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Meet the Biostar Z690 Valkyrie motherboard. This product is from a series that already appeared using the Z590 chipset in the past. What does this name mean? It’s the name of Odin’s twelve handmaids who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla. The series was introduced with Z590 Valkyrie. But coming back to the reviewed board – it is very expensive, as the MSRP is 599 USD (about 150 USD more than its predecessor), so it’s aimed at the high-end range of the market (and it’s rather crowded there). 

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BIOSTAR Z690 VALKYRIE – El Chapuzas Informatico

We extract the Biostar Z690 Valkyrie from all its packaging and we find ourselves before a motherboard with a conventional design in terms of the PCB, but with oversized and aggressively designed heatsinks for the VRM and the M.2 that facilitate their cooling. It is true that this aesthetic is not usually the most successful in these parts, but for color tastes.

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In addition, it is equipped with a large M.2 heat sink that is mounted so as to cover the motherboard, and a large back plate that can be expected to have a cooling effect while suppressing distortion of the motherboard when a heavy-duty graphics card is installed. In addition, the chipset heat sink is engraved with a gold-colored logo with Valkyrie’s wings as a motif, and the entire motherboard has a unique design with geometric lines drawn in gray or pink color.

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BIOSTAR Z690 VALKYRIE – Tom’s Hardware

The Biostar Z690 Valkyrie is a capable motherboard with an overbuilt VRM, four M.2 sockets, eight SATA ports, 2.5 GbE and an updated (though polarizing) appearance. If you’re in the market for a sub-$600 board, this works, but there are other options that include Wi-Fi, use the latest audio codec, and a more premium aesthetic at this price.

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The protagonist of this time, the “Z690 VALKYRIE,” is one of the three models that BIOSTAR has announced to launch in line with the 12th generation Intel Core processor. It bears the name of Valkyrie, the English name of Valkyrie, a war maiden In addition to the stable operation of the Core i9 whose power consumption reaches 241W with the CPU alone, the 20-phase robust power supply circuit by Dr.MOS that maximizes its performance and the power supply circuit are strongly cooled even when the water-cooled CPU cooler is installed.

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In terms of features, I have to say that the BIOSTAR Z690 VALKYRIE motherboard is no different from the A model that is DDR4. Both the motherboard, the power supply, the chipset and the M.2, and there are also beautiful RGB lights throughout the motherboard as well. including those connecting various channels that are designed to support a lot of work, including DIY, decorate more fully as well.

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