In a world of flashy, wallet breaking ‘gaming’ components, it’s easy to forget the other 90% of the market. For your office, the kid’s computer, or even your home theater system you just want something reliable and affordable, and BIOSTAR has a pair of boards targeted directly at that corner of the market. Between the B360MHD PRO and the H310MHD…

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ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate

The motherboard also offers up very neutral aesthetics, which is great since most people want that. The Taichi brand has a very well known reputation in the enthusiast community, and there is also a normal X470 Taichi, so let’s see what the X470 Taichi Ultimate has to offer.

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Supermicro X11SRA

The X11SRA works only with the Xeon-W family of CPUs, analagous to the Skylake-X Core CPUs but supporting RDIMMs and ECC for up to 512GB of memory. These systems are designed to deliver a lot of horsepower, up to 18 cores, as well as storage and other needs. 

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Although an ITX motherboard is significantly smaller than its ATX cousins – a mere 17cm square rather than 30×24 – the Strix still squeezes on almost everything we could hope to find. Dual M.2 ports, AC WiFi, SupremeFX audio, AURA SYNC and USB 3.1 ports are all available. 

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ASRock X399M Taichi

We begin our foray into the AMD Threadripper platform with a rather small board product, something one might not expect to be available for AMD’s Threadripper platform. ASRock’s X399M Taichi takes everything the platform natively offers and fits all that into the mATX platform, so you can get all those cores in a box working on your desk without giving up a good portion of your desk space.

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I’m going to check out what Asus has done with their X470 models, test the performance to see how it compares to the two other X470 boards I’ve tested, check out the cooling situation, and then run down and see if it’s a good buy for someone looking to build a Ryzen 2000 Series build.

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There are many suitable alternatives to Z370 motherboards for prospective buyers of Intel 8th-generation “Coffee Lake” processors. KitGuru has already assessed a number of H370 motherboards and today we are examining the B360 chipset, specifically MSI’s B360 Gaming Pro Carbon, pitched as a more affordable but slightly cut-back variation of H370.

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The ASUS ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming is one of the major Mini-ITX options for Intel’s latest Coffee Lake processors. ASUS has a good history of building substantial Mini-ITX offerings, particularly with the ROG Impact line, however it is the Z-series mainstream Mini-ITX models that are the more cost effective option.

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