9/28/20 Tech News: Sabrent Rocket Q4 NVMe 2TB SSD & More

Continuing along, the Rocket Q4 chewed through AS SSD like it was no big deal, and when unleashed on ATTO, the Rocket Q4 served up truly elite performances. Next and probably the most impressive for a QLC SSD, the Rocket Q4 delivered over 800 MB/s when writing 100GB of data. Rounding things out, the Rocket Q4 served up excellent user experience, as demonstrated by our PCMark 1o Quick System Disk test.

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be quiet! DARK POWER PRO 12 1500W

A Phoenix arrises as we the review power supply from beastly grounds, the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12. Initially releases in as 1200W and 1500W model we’ll check out the latter one. The series has been upgraded being all-digital, it has a few new tweaks, features and be quiet! was able to push the PSU towards 80 Plus Titanium certification. And yet, it remains silent I tell you.

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Chieftec Proton 1000W

The Proton is the latest affordable line of PSU’s by Chieftec (emphasis on the affordable) and so at least when it comes to rail stability things are very good. Not as good as the PowerPlay series but close and that’s very good for a model that should cost significantly less. Build quality is at surprisingly good levels and although the Taiwanese TEAPO is not as popular as some of its Japanese competitors I never had an issue with their capacitors (nor did i have with a High Power manufactured unit). 

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