The ROG Maximus Z690 Formula’s audio system also includes a low-dropout regulator for more efficient power supply of the SupremeFX ALC4082 codec, as well as an ESS ® 9018Q2C DAC .

The audio circuit is physically separated on the pcb to isolate it from electrical noise created by components present nearby. This is standard practice for manufacturers who care about the quality of onboard audio media. Without isolation of the audio components, unintentional electrical noise can be introduced into the audio line, creating unwanted hissing and static sounds.

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ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 FORMULA – Professional Review

One of the distinguishing features of the Formula series is the VRM’s cooling system, since its two EK CrossChill III blocks are really integral chambers with Custom liquid cooling systems. On the surface we see that it is built by EK, although the mouths provided with aluminum plugs are compatible with other systems such as Corsair’s HydroX and 1/2 ”, 1/4” and 3/8 ”fittings. But the surface will not be the blocks as such, but a matte white aluminum cover with a smooth finish and a lighting area above the port cover.

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