Asus ProArt B660-Creator D4 can be well suited for building relatively inexpensive PCs designed for work needs (content creation, design, modeling, etc.). The board has 16 USB ports, including 1 USB 3.2 Gen2 and 1 USB 3.2 Gen2×2, plus 6 USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, PCIe x16, PCIe x4 and PCIe x1 slots, 3 M.2 slots, 4 SATA ports and 7 fan connectors. Networking capabilities include two wired controllers: 1 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps.

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ASUS ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 – Overclockers Russia

These are not corporate devices, but equipment for private use, with an increased level of reliability, extended warranty and support. Also, the goal is to simplify the deployment of the software and hardware complex. Nevertheless, Creator boards are not unusual for many, although flagship devices are equipped with the most advanced interfaces like Ethernet 10G or Thunderbolt 4. Later it became clear that not everyone needs them and not everyone is ready to overpay for them, and therefore mid-range boards appeared .

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ASUS Z690 & B660 Roundup – Tech Testers

The cheapest ASUS board that passed us was the B660-Creator D4 with a price tag of 235 euros. ASUS is known to be a bit more expensive, and we can understand that in part as their bios and software experience is generally just a bit better than the rest. But B660 boards in this segment struggle with mid-range Z690 boards that often go a bit further with features.

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ASUS ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 – Tech Critter

Aside from the clean minimalistic ‘creator’ look, ASUS has equipped the ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 with 2 x Ethernet ports for connectivity redundancy or connection to a NAS if needed, a handful of USB ports ( 4x USB2, 4 x USB3.2 gen1, 1 x USB 3.2 gen2 Type-C), 3 x M.2 slots with M.2 Q-Latch ease of installation and your high-speed storage needs, and of course, the PCIe 5.0 x16 slot for the upcoming supported devices.

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ASUS ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 – Guru3D

The B660 board is equipped with an LGA 1700 socket and can support the entire line of Intel’s Alder Lake Desktop CPUs. It can house the unlocked lineup all the way up to the Core i9-12900K; however, a preferable option will be to outfit this board with the non-K series processors that launched alongside the B660 series. The ASUS ProArt B660-Creator D4 features an 8-pin + 4-pin connector for powering the CPU socket and is powered by a 12+1 phase digital power supply solution (CPU-only) comprising of 50A SIC654phases paired with a PWM-Controller: ASP2100 / RT3628AE. The motherboard features dark heatsinks above the power supply, providing adequate cooling for the electrical components beneath.

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ASUS ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 – Professional Review

We continue with the analysis of Alder Lake plates, and today it is the turn of the Asus ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 , one of the few that we are missing from the long list of Asus. It is one of the most balanced models within this platform, as it combines the option of installing DDR4 RAM , with 3 PCIe slots , one of them 5.0, 3 M.2 slots . As well as a large section of peripheral connectivity with dual LAN 2.5 + 1 Gbps , Wi-Fi card slot and up to 9 rear USB with Gen2. To top it off we have a good 12+1 phase 50A VRM to support the most powerful CPUs on the platform.

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ASUS ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 – APH Networks

Our review unit of the ASUS ProArt B660-Creator D4 came in a medium-sized, brown corrugated cardboard box from ASUS’ American offices in Fremont, California, USA. Using FedEx International 2day, the motherboard arrived safely to us here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for our review today. It was the only thing inside the box, but we have many other ASUS product reviews coming up for all of you, as they were shipped in separate packages.

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ASUS ProArt B660-CREATOR D4 – GreenTech_Reviews

ASUS continues to expand its ProArt series of motherboards. With the release of the Intel Z690 chipset, the manufacturer introduced a new model of the series, called the ProArt Z690-Creator WiFi, which has fully replaced the WS series – the new product has great expansion possibilities, and the power and cooling safety margins are also impressive, and the design is strict and devoid of any built-in RGB elements. But today we will talk about her younger sister – ProArt B660-Creator D4.

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