This benchmark is based on the classic ROG MAXIMUS XIII Extreme. With one difference, the presence of a monoblock bundle. This one also bears the reference EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial D-RGB Plexi . We are on a motherboard with an LGA1200 socket on the Intel Z590 chipset . It is therefore able to accommodate Intel Core processors such as the Rocket Lake-S: i9-11900K and the i5-11600K that we tested as well as 10th generation CPUs such as the i9-10900K or the i5-10600K . It accepts DDR4 memory up to a frequency of 5333 MHz (OC) for a total capacity of 128 GB on four slots. Good point, the rear connection offers two Thunderbolt 4 ports.

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The ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial features an extreme VRM solution with no less than 20 top of the line power stages from Texas Instruments, each rated for 100 A. On top of that, there is a massive full-coverage monoblock to keep not only the CPU and VRM cool, but also the chipset.

Dual BIOS and BIOS flashback have also been included, as well as ASUS’s excellent BIOS designed to provide an optimal, stress-free overclocking experience. The ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial also offers great connectivity with not only WiFi 6 and 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet, but also 10 Gb/s Ethernet, Thunderbolt 4, and five M.2 slots. All of this performance is bundled into a beautiful silver and mirror-polished package with excellent RGB options and even an OLED screen.

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Two premium motherboards sit atop Asus’ Z590 product stack, and we’ll be looking at both in depth below: the ROG Maximus XIII Extreme and its liquid-cooled big brother, the Extreme Glacial. Priced at $899 and $1499.99 respectively, these boards are undoubtedly tough on your wallet, but they offer some of the best hardware and one of the most comprehensive feature sets around. This includes incredibly robust power delivery, a whopping five M.2 sockets, dual Thunderbolt 4/Type-C ports, watercooling monitoring capabilities, premium audio, enough buttons and switches to keep the most skilled overclocker busy, and of course a high-end appearance that looks great with most build themes.

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Memory setup includes four slots, 288-pin ready for DDR4 2133MHz up to 5333MHz with overclocking and XMP. Storage is handled by six SATA ports and three Hyper M.2 ports on the motherboard, while the Dimm.2 card supports an additional two Ultra m.2.

10Gbe is added alongside 2.5Gbe for a legit wired LAN setup, while the Intel AX210 has the best Wi-Fi possible ready to go alongside BT 5.2 support. Audio has no corners cut either deploying the Realtek ALC4082 alongside the ESS Sabre 9018 AMP/DAC.

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This new water block is made of pure electrolytic copper plated with nickel in order to prevent oxidation. The coolant is directed by milled paths passing first on your processor, then through the M.2 slot, through the PCH and finally through the vrm. Integrated sensors at the inlet and outlet therefore transmit statistics to the Fan Xpert 4 software. You will always have an eye on the flow rate of your flow as well as on the temperature of your liquid. Finally, a small addressable RGB touch is integrated and visible through the plexiglass panels located at the ends.

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ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial water-cooled board is on the scene. The hardware specifications are exactly the same as those of Extreme. It also has the best peripheral functions and connectivity. It has also added the ROG Ultrablock full-covered water-cooling in cooperation with EKWB, which can simultaneously power the CPU and VRM. The PCH chip, 10G Ethernet chip, and M.2 SSD provide heat dissipation. The system can maintain low temperature operation even under high load. For players who like self-assembled water cooling and pursue the ultimate performance, this motherboard is absolutely impeccable.

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It is flawless. Asus has succeeded with this ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial in bringing together in a single motherboard all that is necessary to meet the expectations of players but also overclockers. The association with EK once again works wonders with a superb water block responsible for keeping all the components cool. The price is justified, it is for us the price of the exclusivity of what is best at Asus.

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ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial is the flagship of the Maximus XIII series of motherboards, which differs from the “simple” Extreme version by the presence of a water block in the package. Yes, not a simple water block, but a monoblock – it removes heat not only from the processor, but also from its power subsystem, as well as the M.2 chipset drive. In addition, the boards differ in appearance and to some extent in the component base and placement of some elements. 

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ASUS Z590 ROG MAXIMUS Boards Detailed

ASUS began taking preorders for its Z590 motherboards just yesterday. Among TUF and STRIX series, only one ROG Maximus motherboard is currently listed on Amazon, the XIII Hero. The Hero series has always been very popular, often being the best compromise between ridiculously priced Extreme or Apex series while still offering all premium and often unnecessary features that we simply ‘want’ to have from the Maximus series.

ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero, Extreme, and Extreme Glacial have all been detailed in a new slide deck that was just sent to us. The presentation has a lot of details that we are not going to repeat in this post. We encourage you to just click on the first slide and enjoy the presentation.

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ASUS Announces Z590 Motherboards

It’s a rare thing when life lets you have it both ways, but that’s exactly what you’ll find from Intel’s Z590 desktop platform, launching today at CES 2021. Z590 motherboards maintain support for the stratospheric clock speeds and impressive multithreaded performance of Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors. At the same time, they’re ready for lift-off with all of the next-gen features of the upcoming 11th Gen Core CPU family, code-named Rocket Lake. A full array of ASUS Z590 motherboards is on its way, and whether you choose from the top-shelf ROG Maximus XIII series, the sleek and speedy ROG Strix line, the rugged TUF Gaming family, or the purposeful Prime lineup, you can be sure of a smooth and reliable PC build. We’ll have full details on all of those motherboards soon, but we want you to have a taste of what to expect today.

For the ASUS Z590 lineup, we’re tapping into all of the platform features offered by 11th Gen Core CPUs to offer Intel PC DIY enthusiasts a thoroughly cutting-edge experience. When paired with those upcoming CPUs, ASUS Z590 motherboards will offer up to 16 lanes of PCI Express 4.0 connectivity direct from the processor, delivering up to 32GB/s of bandwidth for today’s highest-performance discrete GPUs. The Z590 platform also taps four dedicated PCIe 4.0 lanes from the processor for maximum performance with the latest solid-state drives.

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