Our heroine is strikingly different from the previous Maximus XII Apex – the design, set and location of certain interfaces, buttons and everything else have been changed. We can safely say that we have a completely new product in front of us, and not just a modified board. Yes, the processor socket has remained the same, but the new 11th generation processors themselves impose completely different requirements not only on the power supply of the board, but must also provide all the new functionality inherent in them.

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Let’s start the owner’s tour with the radiators of which there are four! First, the three radiators located on the top of the motherboard and which surrounds the socket. The two most imposing cover the supply floor. These two radiators are connected by a heat pipe.

A third, smaller, and also connected via a heat pipe is responsible for keeping the dedicated power supply stage for VCCSA / VCCIO cool. We are here on a completely passive system. The radiator bearing the name APEX is composed of two parts and hides under the upper part a slot for an M2 PCIe 4.0 type SSD.

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ASUS Z590 ROG MAXIMUS Boards Detailed

ASUS began taking preorders for its Z590 motherboards just yesterday. Among TUF and STRIX series, only one ROG Maximus motherboard is currently listed on Amazon, the XIII Hero. The Hero series has always been very popular, often being the best compromise between ridiculously priced Extreme or Apex series while still offering all premium and often unnecessary features that we simply ‘want’ to have from the Maximus series.

ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero, Extreme, and Extreme Glacial have all been detailed in a new slide deck that was just sent to us. The presentation has a lot of details that we are not going to repeat in this post. We encourage you to just click on the first slide and enjoy the presentation.

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