NZXT N7 Z590 – KitGuru

On the face of it this sounds like a reasonable approach but things are not entirely straightforward. For example, the NZXT N7 Z590 supports a full range of RGB headers, however the motherboard itself does not include any integrated RGB. That is a minor matter but the alarm bells start to ring when the aesthetics have been prioritised over performance and good engineering practice. This is particularly true of the plastic covers over the two M.2 slots that act as insulators, rather than heat sinks.

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NZXT N7 Z590 – Tom’s Hardware

Performance-wise, the N7 Z590 did well overall. Its results traded punches with the other boards in most tests. Like the Steel Legend it’s modeled from, this board follows Intel specifications, and in a couple of tests (Handbrake, Cinebench/POV-Ray single thread), the times/scores were lower than the others. To bypass that, simply adjust the power limits up, as the other boards do from the factory. The N7 board set our DDR4 3600 sticks at 1:1 with the memory controller, and we saw solid results in our memory bandwidth and latency tests.

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