NZXT N7 Z490

The NZXT N7 Z490 is based on Intel’s Z490 Express chipset and supports all current LGA 1200 (10th generation) Intel CPU’s. It utilizes a 4-layer PCB and sports a 10-phase power design which we’ll talk about shortly. The motherboard is somewhat stripped feature-wise. That being said, it does offer a couple of things such as 2.5GbE LAN and WiFi 6 support. 

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NZXT N7 Z490

Intel platforms have almost become a niche as AMD has stolen a lot of market share over the last few years. NZXT combats this with a fantastic looking motherboard, complete with thermal armor available in black and white colorways. On past solutions, we did note NZXT offered special edition motherboard plates, so we hope to see some of those come over to the Z490 platform as well.

The move to ASRock as the manufacturer has increased the build quality of the NZXT motherboard platform as a whole, the biggest difference coming in BIOS/EFI where we now have a legit solution for overclocking.

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NZXT N7 Z490

If we are used to the quartet of usual manufacturers in France, a few players have appeared in recent years in our provinces, in particular with NZXT, which has decided to release its own motherboards, and this for 2 generations of chipset at Intel. This will therefore be the third iteration for the manufacturer, which presents its N7 Z490 card , which the Comptoir has tested for you, in order to see what the outsider is worth.

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NZXT N7 Z490

Motherboards are rarely aesthetically pleasing. Sure, we’ve long since moved on from green PCBs and cream-colored slots, but the majority of MOBOs still look ugly. Most opt for a “gamer” look, which is fine for some folks, but what about those who value a minimalist and clean PC build? Enter the N7 Z490 motherboard from NZXT, with its frankly beautiful design.

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NZXT N7 Z490 (Black)

Even if this is not the first motherboard launched by the NZXT brand, it will be for us a first evaluation of this type of product. Indeed, we are more used to testing boxes or cooling systems like the excellent NZXT Kraken X53 as well as the NZXT Kraken X73 . Today, we are therefore going to share with you our impressions of the NZXT N7 Z490 motherboard in black version .

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NZXT Introduces the N7 Z490

Today, accompanying the numerous reviews, NZXT introduced the N7 Z490 motherboard. This new motherboard is available in both black and white color schemes, offering a clean looking board to say the least. With a shroud covering the bulk of the board, this is an excellent option if you’re aiming for a truly seamless look. See more in the video below, or check out the reviews.

The N7 Z490 provides everything builders need to get the job done beautifully. With an integrated rear I/O and a streamlined board layout, the N7 Z490 simplifies the building process. With built-in digital RGB and fan controls, users can create fan curves or control RGB lighting from any manufacturer easily via NZXT CAM.

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NZXT N7 Z490

It’s not the first motherboard to offer a fully covered design. Other board makers from Asrock to Asus offer options with various levels of board cladding. But true to NZXT’s broader design ethos, the N7 Z490 is perhaps the cleanest and least cluttered currently available.

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NZXT N7 Z490

The N7 is a series of Intel motherboards from the U.S.-based PC hardware maker and pre-build supplier. The latest iteration is version 3, rocking Intel’s latest Z490 chipset. Unfortunately, for NZXT, breaking into the motherboard market isn’t easy, and the first two boards (Z370 and Z390 chipsets) weren’t received well. So, how does the Z490 hold up? Is it one of the best motherboards?

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NZXT N7 Z490

It’s pretty well equipped, offering just enough features for your typical PC build. However, we’re a little unsure why it only has Gen 3.0 PCIe, not Gen 4.0, so it’s not quite future proof for some upcoming Intel CPUs. However, beyond that, there’s the usual mixture of USB headers, a pair of M.2 mounts, addressable and 4-pin RGB headers, etc. 

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NZXT N7 Z490

It’s been nearly two years to the day since NZXT last released a motherboard, which was the Z370 N7. NZXT initially used ECS as its motherboard OEM, but has opted to use ASRock this time round for a new N7 model. This has the same N7 infused armor, albeit using a combined metal and plastic instead of just metal which does reduce the overall cost.

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