Other than the aesthetic colour change and use of 24-carat gold foil on the heatsinks – plus a cleaning cloth – both regular and bling editions are the same from an electrical and features point of view. Unlike the regular black version, however, there’s no RGB on the dragon logo or chipset heatsink for the Gold edition, so bear that in mind if onboard lighting is important.

It’s built like a tank, too, with every cover aluminium rather than plastic. Adding to the heft is an aluminium backplate which acts as a brace. Though gold is an obvious draw in the name, the board’s heatsinks are mostly silver, and it’s certainly an acquired visual taste.

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[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, the world’s leading gaming motherboard brand, proudly announces the new flagship Intel Z590 MEG Series motherboards – the MEG Z590 ACE GOLD EDITION, MEG Z590 UNIFY, and MEG Z590 UNIFY-X. They’re not only tailored for enthusiast gamers but also offered more possibilities to satisfy various desires – the luster of gold against endless darkness.


Gold symbolizes a unique attribute of pride and elites. The pure luster of gold, 24K presents utmost in color and luminosity. With craftsmanship and hours of dedication, the 24K gold and state-of-the-art technology have been harmonized into one. The MEG Z590 ACE GOLD EDITION boasts premium aesthetics with a brand new color scheme – the platinum color finish and genuine 24K-gold foil heatsink perfectly show off the concept of beauty.


Besides appearance, the MEG Z590 ACE GOLD EDITION is designed to unlock the full potential of the Intel Z590 chipset by combining heavy-plated VRM heatsink with elite hardware system design. The ACE GOLD EDITION is an outstanding ATX platform for extreme settings, whether it’s for overclocking memory, processor and graphics cards, or pushing immersion at the highest levels.


In terms of storage and connectivity, the MEG Z590 ACE GOLD EDITION sports quad Optane-supported M.2 slots (Gen4/3 x4), Intel 2.5G LAN, Wi-Fi 6E, HDMI 2.0b, and dual Thunderbolt 4 ports. In short, practically every component has been selected for maximum speed and minimal limitations, all of which gives elite power users an “ACE” up their sleeves over regular systems.


Tailored for hardcore gamers and enthusiast users, the MEG UNIFY series motherboard consists of a modest and pure black design, emphasizing the true value of the motherboard that can be brought to the demanding gamers and power users instead of fancy LED decorations. MSI puts great effort into those essential parts, enhancing not only the thermal but also power solution to run with the Intel multi-core processors.


It has a hefty VRM Mirrored Power Arrangement with a total of 16+2+1 Phases, 90A Smart Power Stage (SPS), and Titanium choke III. Combining dual 8-pin power connectors and exclusive Core Boost technology, the MEG Z590 UNIFY and MEG Z590 UNIFY-X are ready to push even the latest Intel 11th Gen Core processors to their limits.


All MSI 500 series motherboards with 11th Gen Intel Core processors support PCIe 4.0 M.2 solution which is the fastest onboard storage on the market. The MEG Z590 UNIFY and MEG Z590 UNIFY-X feature onboard quadruple M.2 connectors with Shield Frozr for the enhanced storage performance. The industry-leading design maximizes bandwidth to fully utilize high-end storage devices, provides maximum triple Lightning Gen 4 solution with up to 64 Gb/s transfer speed and multiple configurations for demanding gamers and power users.


The MEG Z590 UNIFY-X comes with only 2 DIMM slots for an even clearer memory signal to explore the boundaries of memory overclocking and is ready to surpass all limits. Today, MSI’s in-house overclocker, Toppc breaks the world record in April of 2021 once again, pushing the DDR4 speeds to an incredible 7200MHz with MEG Z590 UNIFY-X and Kingston HyperX Predator memory! This not only sets another memory overclocking record for MEG Z590 UNIFY-X but also reveals the combined power with Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 memory.

MSI Announces Intel 500 Series Motherboards – Launch on January 27th

[Taipei, Taiwan] – When are new Intel 500 series platforms launched? This must be one of the frequently asked questions in recent times. All gamers and creators are looking forward to getting a glimpse at new motherboards. Fortunately, MSI, a world-leading motherboard brands, announces that new 500 series motherboards will make world debut on 27th January.

Unveil Outstanding Features for New 500 Series Platforms

To welcome the latest motherboards in 2021, MSI is ready to present new features of motherboards. With new 11th Gen Intel Core processors, all 500 series motherboards support Lightning Gen 4 PCIe, and the bandwidth is up to 64 GB/s. For network, Z590 Wi-Fi motherboards are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6E which has 6GHz band compared to Wi-Fi 6.

For Audio solution, MSI improves audio performance of MEG/MPG/MAG series for all gamers, including hardcore gamers and casual gamers. Z590 Gaming series motherboards are upgraded to Audio Boost 5 and are imported into Sound Tune. Due to new audio codec and system, Z590 gaming motherboards create a synergy effect which can amplify sound and have better gaming experience.

Moreover, in order to offer support for users, Dragon Center is comprehensively updated to MSI Center. MSI Center has brand-new UI design and fully-integrated functions, which help users manipulate overclocking and RGB lights sync more easily. Also, the new audio solution, Sound Tune, is integrated in MSI Center and users can turn it on by one click.

Own Personalized Appearances and Incredible Features

Apart from new features, 500 series motherboards have eye-catching and distinctive appearances. Here are some highlights and introduction by segments:

MEG – Exquisite and gorgeous are definitely the best descriptions for MEG series. Besides elegant designs, MEG Z590 GODLIKE has mighty specifications, including 10G Super LAN and Audio Boost 5 HD. Additionally, for better cooling effect, MEG Z590 GODLIKE has Stacked Fin Array and Frozr Heatsink Design. Furthermore, both MEG Z590 GODLIKE and MEG Z590 ACE have Aluminum backplate on the back of PCB, which can extend the surface of heat dissipation. Of course, MEG Z590 UNIFY and MEG Z590I UNIFY, well-known as the full black design, will also show up. At CES online press conference on 14th January, MEG series will come on the stage. Please remember to watch the live stream and get the relative information. If want to follow the event page, please click here.

MPG – MPG series motherboards are always popular for MSI users. MSI will have MPG Z590 GAMING CARBON WIFI, MPG Z590 GAMING FORCE, MPG Z590 GAMING EDGE WIFI and MPG Z590 GAMING PLUS, and so on. In addition to trendy appearances, all MPG series have M.2 Shield Frozr and K7 thermal pad, which will help sustain performance of motherboards.

MAG – MSI tries to refresh MAG lovers with new color matching. MAG Z590 TOMAHAWK WIFI and MAG B560 TOMAHAWK WIFI both have graphite extended heatsink. The color of MAG Z590 TORPEDO and MAG B560 TORPEDO is pacific blue, and MAG B560M BAZOOKA is midnight green. The concept of color derives from military colors in accordance with MAG—MSI Arsenal GAMING. The various colors give users more choices and users can personalize PCs based on their preferences.

PRO – For common use, including business and daily use, Z590-A PRO and Z590 PRO WIFI have matte black with linear designs and both have Extended Heatsink Design. Otherwise, most PRO series motherboards, including Z590, B560 and H510, will have new cooling solution—Frozr AI Cooling, which will detect CPU and GPU temperatures and automatically adjust system fan duty to a proper value. In order to dissipate heat effectively, Z590 PRO WIFI and Z590-A PRO both have M.2 Shield Frozr which is made up for giving out heat from M.2 Gen 4.