Gigabyte has decided to issue a recall for its Z690I Aorus Ultra mini-ITX motherboard because it doesn’t work with a number of PCIe Gen 4.0 graphics cards.

As AnandTech reports, Gigabyte received multiple reports from customers that the motherboard was crashing when some graphics cards were inserted. The problem presented itself as a Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA) PCIe error, and Gigabyte has since concluded the PCIe 4.0 slot isn’t working properly.

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Our Z690i Aorus Ultra has the originality of offering an ultra-compact format through the Mini-ITX form factor. Space is therefore limited to integrate the maximum potential of Intel’s Alder Lake platform. Its membership in the Aorus family ensures that it has equipment that meets certain constraints related to PC gaming.

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GIGABYTE Z690I AORUS ULTRA – GreenTech_Reviews

The motherboard is based on a black 10-layer mini-ITX PCB. In the design, elements of black and gray are mainly used, except that on the rear panel you can see other colors in the design of the I / O ports. Even with a cursory examination, it is easy to identify the differences from its predecessor – a different arrangement of some ports, an updated design of radiators and a completely different “sandwich” in the chipset area.

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