Intel Core i7-7820X

The Skylake-X-based Core i7-7820X offers strong multi-threaded performance and a lower price point than Intel’s Broadwell-E equivalent. But we did experience some performance regression in a few game titles and applications. Core i7-7820X delivers the highest possible multi-threaded performance from an eight-core processor, provided the application can utilize its resources effectively.

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Intel Skylake-X Review: Core i9 7900X, i7 7820X and i7 7800X

One of the big criticisms from the launch of Broadwell-E, the platform before Skylake-X, was that Intel significantly increased prices over the preceding generation. Nominally consumers were used to the fact that the top chip in the stack was $999 to $1099, and rather than readjust the 6, 8 and 10 core parts to do so, Broadwell-E pushed the 10-core Core i7-6950X to ~$1721, in order to claim parity with the enterprise processors.

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