SuperMicro SuperO C7Z370-CG-IW

It’s my second Supermicro motherboard review and I’m just curious what improvements were made in new motherboard series. Supermicro is not for a long time on the gaming motherboards market but is quite old high quality, server components manufacturer. As we remember from previous review, Supermicro combines server quality with gaming features what gives users unique products.

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Supermicro SuperO C7Z370-CG-IW

Mini-ITX Z370 motherboards are not rare, but today we have a new mini-ITX Z370 motherboard from a company that typically does not partake in the mini-ITX game. SuperMicro’s subsidiary SuperO has one mission; to produce PC gaming products. That means SuperO is dedicated to making motherboards targeted at gamers, which is not an easy task since it is hard to relate motherboard features to equivalent gaming benefits.

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Supermicro SuperO C7Z370-CG-IW

If you are familiar with the name Supermicro, you probably spend some time around data centers and servers in general. However, with more than 2 decades of providing 24x7x365 reliability in the enterprise IT world, Supermicro started providing that same server-grade DNA in its SUPERO consumer gaming brand a few years ago to Intel’s 4th and 5th generation Core platforms.…

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