The Z690A Valkyrie from BIOSTAR has impressed us in terms of performance, even when running with the memory at a lower speed of 3600MHz. The UEFI BIOS is well optimized and we can obtain good results with top CPUs from Intel’s Alder Lake generation, while the VRM hardware implementation with 20 phases ensures and a beefy cooling system will keep the temperatures at bay, even while overclocking. The connectivity options are top-notch and besides a lot of USBs on the I/O, we can install more thanks to the internal headers, up to 4 M.2 SSDs and also slower drives such as HDDs or 2.5’’ via the eight SATA ports.

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BIOSTAR Z690A VALKYRIE – Overclockers

The Biostar Z690A Valkyrie supports the twelfth generation Intel processors using the LGA 1700 socket.  The board boasts 20-phase (19+1) VRMS to handle the power requirements of the flagship 24-thread Intel Core i9-12900K. To cool the VRM, Biostar has once again added active cooling: two 25mm fans on each VRM heatsink along with a solid copper base. These fans can be audible (especially under load), but you can control them through the BIOS and Biostar’s Aurora software.

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Biostar are among the first manufacturers to release their Z690 motherboards on to the market. We will start with the Z690A Valkyrie, which supports DDR4 memory, so it should be the most interesting product for most users.

The Z690A Valkyrie motherboard is feature-rich and promises a lot, being the highest DDR4 model that Biostar has to offer. We will take a closer look at the essential features and check how well it performs in a gaming environment. The Z690A Valkyrie motherboard is, after all, designed for enthusiasts and gamers.

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Finally came to the conclusion with a review of BIOSTAR Z690A VALKYRIE, the latest Z690 chipset motherboard that today I must say that the performance is excellent. Fully compatible with Intel Core i9 12900K CPU. Although the BIOS is not a perfect version, much. But it can do a good job with full support for all Intel 12th Gen CPUs in Alder Lake code. As you have seen in the test with a large CPU model, the top Core i9 12900K is overclocked at a speed of 5.1Ghz, All Core power is only 1.25-1.27v, bus RAM is 4600Mhz all the time.

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