ASUS PRIME Z690-A – Vmodtech

In terms of design, I have to say that the ASUS PRIME Z690-A is really beautifully designed, although it’s not a full-featured build, but it exceeds the expectations of a mid-range motherboard like this that is different from its predecessor. Much that in the PRIME series focuses on simplicity and durability. But for this model Z690 comes in a space shuttle style that focuses on black and white tones, outstanding with RGB lights on top of the heatsink, the power supply is really beautiful.

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ASUS PRIME Z690-A – Overclockers Ukraine

Externally, the board looks, as it should be for a representative of the Prime series, calm and non-aggressive: black textolite is complemented by silver cooling elements and decorative white inserts. More smooth contours have been added than previously. Prime Z690-A is a standard ATX form factor with nine attachment points, which, once the system is assembled, will not allow the board to sag on the side of the connectors.

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ASUS PRIME Z690-A – GreenTech_Reviews

ASUS Prime Z690-A comes in a box with an updated Prime design, which is also relevant for some other motherboards based on the Intel Z690 chipset. The manufacturer changed the design from the black and blue color scheme to gray. The name of the board, its image, as well as a set of logos of the technologies used are placed on the front side of the box.

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ASUS PRIME Series Z690 Motherboards Break Cover

We received four photos of the upcoming Z690 PRIME motherboards from ASUS. The PRIME series used to be the mid-tier segment in the company’s lineup, but in the past few years, they have progressively been pushed back by TUF the lowest tier. The good news is that we finally get to see the design of the (almost) cheapest motherboards of the next generation.

It is worth noting that ASUS will be launching as many as 10 Z690 PRIME motherboards. The A-Series, which is a higher sub-tier in the PRIME series with the addition of RGB lighting etc., and V-Series (the lowest tier) have not been pictured yet.

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