Intel Alder Lake-S, 600 Series Chipsets in September?

Hot on the heels of the 500 Series, word has it that the upcoming Intel Alder Lake-S CPUs and their accompanying 600 Series chipsets are set to launch in September. This would fit the bill as a normal Fall launch window for new Intel chips to be sure, but it makes the Rocket Lake-S and 500 Series look less shiny and new. One benefit to 500 Series buyers is that the price premium for Alder Lake-S platforms could be massive. Rumored to come with PCIe 5, and support DDR5, these two factors alone will crank up the prices. Rocket Lake-S and the 500 Series may look all the better come this September. Lest we forget, AMD is likely not far being on either of these fronts.

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Intel Alder Lake-S Spotted Supporting DDR5

A popular source for leaked information, momomo_us on Twitter has dropped a screengrab of Intel’s Alder Lake-S processor sporting DDR5, running SiSoftware’s SANDRA. While DDR5 is nearly upon us, it will be interesting to see the new chipsets that come along with these new processors from Intel and AMD in the next year. The other “fun” part will certainly be the price premium these new processors, motherboards and DDR5 modules will pull. It’s no secret we’re already dealing with mass shortages and ridiculous prices. Time will tell how this plays out. Until then, here are the scores.