Biostar TPower I45

Biostar TPower I45 @ OC Online

“Overall I am impressed with Biostar’s latest TPower offering, the I45. Performance is on par or better than the P35 and you get some added features such as PCI Express 2.0 and increased memory support. Overall layout is well thought out and shouldn’t cause issues with any setup.”


ECS GF8200A @ Digit-Life

“The idea of building an inexpensive PC on a full-size integrated motherboard with a digital monitor output is getting increasingly popular. ECS is well aware of requirements of budget PC buyers. At least, judging by the abundance of motherboards with this very market positioning. Let’s see what the company has to offer this time.”

ASrock Penryn 1600SLI X3-WiFi

ASrock Penryn 1600SLI X3-WiFi @ PCStats

“The Penryn1600SLI X3-WiF motherboard is built on nVidia’s nForce 680i SLI chipset, and as you may have guessed this platform supports Intel ‘penryn’ quad core, 45nm ‘yorkfield’ and dual core ‘wolfdale’ processors. Essentially, Intel’s full family of 45nm quad and dual core chips, ranging from 800-1600MHz front side bus are spec’d out as compatible.”

Gigabyte MA78G-DS3H

Gigabyte MA78G-DS3H @ Digit-Life

“Today’s motherboard is a full-size solution (which already makes it attractive for universal PC builders) featuring two graphics slots as well as an integrated graphics core that supports CrossFire and Hybrid CrossFire modes.”


ECS P45T-A @ PC Per

“The stock performance of the board was right were it should be. Even though it utilized memory bandwidth that was about 33MHz slower (DDR2-800 vs. DDR2-1066), it was not enough to cause more than slight variances in benchmark numbers. I would have liked to see ECS include support for the faster FSB and Memory speeds, as the chipset clearly seems to support it on almost all the other P45 based products. Why ECS choose not to follow suite remains a mystery to me.”

ASUS Maximus II Formula

ASUS Maximus II Formula @ RBMods

“Today we look at another DDR2 solution from Asus, they still keep pushing out motherboards for the DDR2 market since DDR3 still might have not got the recognintion it should. This new Maximus 2 board is filled with various new features that might come in handy when overclocking, playing, and even just surfing the net. No more crap talk lets get this review on the road.”

Gigabyte EP45-DS3L

Gigabyte EP45-DS3L @ Think Computers

“Today, I will be looking at the EP45-DS3L, Gigabyte’s economy-priced P45 motherboard. This is probably the least expensive newly released motherboard I have seen coming from either of the top two motherboard manufacturers in a very long time, and obviously marketed towards those buyers looking at buying boards from ECS, ASRock, or one of the other manufacturers that build budget motherboards.”

ASRock P43 & P45 Mobos

ASRock P43 & P45 Mobos @ TweakTown

“At the 2008 Computex event, Intel officially took the curtains off its 4 series PCI Express chipset range which is set to replace the original 3 series of chipsets. Intel’s 4 series not only brings Crossfire support to the mainstream, thanks to its ability to run two PCI Express x8 slots for GPUs, but it also adds PCI Express 2.0 to all of its 4 series of chipsets. That’s right, even the low-end of the 4 series gets a new PCI Express controller hub.”

Four-Way Gigabyte P45 RoundUp

Four-Way Gigabyte P45 RoundUp @ Hot hardware

“On the low-end, we have Gigabyte’s EP45-DS3L for DDR2 based systems along with the EP45T-DS3R for DDR3 based systems. On the high-end, we have the much more exciting EP45-DQ6 platform for DDR2 based systems, and for the high-end DDR3 landscape, we have the crème de le crème of Gigabyte’s P45 lineup, the EP45T-Extreme. Come on by the site and check them out…”

XFX GeForce 8200 Mobo

XFX GeForce 8200 Mobo @

“The integrated graphics market is an interesting one to say the least. With the release of the HD3200 graphics on AMD’s 780G platform and the release of the 8300/8200 from NVIDIA there are two good choices to integrated graphics on the AMD side of the platform while on the Intel side of the market there’s only one, as Intel’s integrated graphics just doesn’t cut the mustard.”