XFX nForce 750a SLI

XFX nForce 750a SLI @ Motherboards.org

“This motherboard is available online for $150, making it targeted for the mid-range market and not the enthusiast motherboard market another board in the $200-300 range would be in. The board has support for SLI after setting jumpers and enabling it in the BIOS with two NVIDIA video cards of the same type.”

ASUS Rampage Extreme

ASUS Rampage Extreme @ HardwareOC

“Hardwareoverclock Austria has posted another mainboard review. Last week they has take a look at the Asus Rampage Extreme DDR-3 mainboard with Intel’s X48 chipset. This board was specially designed for overclockers. This is also the most important theme in this article, overclocking.”

Gigabyte X48T-DQ6

Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 @ Motherboards.org

“The qualified memory support on the board is rather light as to their Qualified Vendor List on their website, with the lack of Samsung DDR3 memory above 1066MHz and no Crucial memory support on the QVL list at all though both companies’ memory worked great when I tried them. Not exactly an Editor’s Choice due to its lack of DDR3 support, but it is a Hot Product as it still has plenty of available options that make it worth taking a look at.”

AMD Spider Platform 9950 Black

AMD Spider Platform 9950 Black @ Motherboards.org

“For a retail price of $230, the 9950 is an interesting choice from AMD. This has driven the price of the 9850 Black Edition down to the $200 level in 1000 unit quantities. The 9950 performs higher than the 9850 across the board as to be expected from a CPU that doesn’t have any architectural differences than the higher clock speed over the older CPU.”

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H @ TweakTown

“GIGABYTE has been one of the biggest producers of motherboards along with ASUS and MSI. And one thing is for certain with these three companies; above all else, if the chipset is good, you will find at least one board based on it. Today we are looking at the GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard. How does it stack up as a HTPC board? Let’s have a good look.”

abit Exits Mainboard Market

abit Exits Mainboard Market @ Hexus

“HEXUS.channel can exclusively confirm that Taiwanese technology company abit, which is associated primarily with high-end and gaming mainboards, will stop producing all mainboards at the end of 2008.

HEXUS.channel has confirmed this as fact from sources close to South East Asian distributors, all of which will be notified by their abit sales contacts from today onwards.”

Biostar TPower I45

Biostar TPower I45 @ OC Online

“Overall I am impressed with Biostar’s latest TPower offering, the I45. Performance is on par or better than the P35 and you get some added features such as PCI Express 2.0 and increased memory support. Overall layout is well thought out and shouldn’t cause issues with any setup.”


ECS GF8200A @ Digit-Life

“The idea of building an inexpensive PC on a full-size integrated motherboard with a digital monitor output is getting increasingly popular. ECS is well aware of requirements of budget PC buyers. At least, judging by the abundance of motherboards with this very market positioning. Let’s see what the company has to offer this time.”

ASrock Penryn 1600SLI X3-WiFi

ASrock Penryn 1600SLI X3-WiFi @ PCStats

“The Penryn1600SLI X3-WiF motherboard is built on nVidia’s nForce 680i SLI chipset, and as you may have guessed this platform supports Intel ‘penryn’ quad core, 45nm ‘yorkfield’ and dual core ‘wolfdale’ processors. Essentially, Intel’s full family of 45nm quad and dual core chips, ranging from 800-1600MHz front side bus are spec’d out as compatible.”

Gigabyte MA78G-DS3H

Gigabyte MA78G-DS3H @ Digit-Life

“Today’s motherboard is a full-size solution (which already makes it attractive for universal PC builders) featuring two graphics slots as well as an integrated graphics core that supports CrossFire and Hybrid CrossFire modes.”