The MSI X570-A PRO is a very inexpensive motherboard from MSI. At the time of this writing, it can be had for around $139.99 and is one of the cheapest motherboards utilizing AMD’s venerable premium X570 chipset. This cheaper price does need to be taken into consideration moving forward, a price point such as this comes with its own expectations. We have to put ourselves into the mindset of this price range, and what components the end-user is installing around it.

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MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk is an inexpensive ATX motherboard based on the Intel B460 chipset, focused on building a standard size system for little money. It is suitable for those users who want to get high performance for a reasonable price, but, at the same time, having received a well-thought-out basis in every sense that can ensure the smooth operation of any LGA1200 processor currently in existence. 

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MSI Announces MEG B550 UNIFY Series

[Taipei, Taiwan] – MSI, a world-leading gaming motherboard manufacturer, proudly announces the new flagship AMD B550 motherboards – MEG B550 UNIFY and MEG B550 UNIFY-X. The spirit of the UNIFY series consists of modest and pure black design, emphasizing the real value of the motherboard that can be brought to the demanding gamers and power users instead of fancy LED decorations. By eliminating all the redundant RGB LEDs and adopting the UV black printing, the heatsink shows the gleam and the shining reflection of the dragon that symbolizes a mysterious and high-quality image. For the UNIFY series motherboard, MSI put great efforts into those essential parts concerned by those enthusiast gamers, enhancing not only the thermal but also power solution to run with the AMD Ryzen processors.

Emphasizing the ultimate performance, MEG B550 UNIFY brings astonishing overclocking records to enthusiast gamers. With AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT processor, it is an incredible result to push CPU frequency to 6155.35 MHz, becoming the world’s record breaker once again.


MEG B550 UNIFY series motherboard features exclusive onboard quadruple M.2 connectors for the maximum storage performance. Three of them support Lightning Gen 4 solution which is the fastest onboard storage on the market with up to 64 Gb/s transfer speed.

To sustain the higher performance of ultra-fast storage devices, the MEG B550 UNIFY series motherboard features exclusive double-sided M.2 Shield Frozr. This next-generation M.2 thermal solution prevents throttling by offering the best thermal protection to make sure that SSD maintains maximum performance.


To handle the high-performance CPU, the MEG B550 UNIFY series motherboard features extreme power designs including a total of direct 14+2 digital power phases, 90Amp power stage and Titanium choke III. Combining dual power connectors and exclusive Core Boost technology, the MEG B550 UNIFY series motherboard is ready to break the world record.


Cooling is what an enthusiast gamer would care about and the MEG B550 UNIFY series motherboard adopts a premium thermal solution to cool down your system. An aluminum cover with an extended heatsink on top of the power delivery circuits can effectively help dissipate excessive heat. Other than that, a heat-pipe connected from this larger heatsink to another MOS heatsink and an improved thermal pad means better heat conduction.


MEG B550 UNIFY series motherboard features onboard 2.5G LAN plus the latest Wi-Fi 6 AX solution. 2.5G LAN provides incredible data transfer speed faster than ever before. The Wi-Fi 6 AX solution is a revolutionary network with up to 4x network capacity and efficiency in high signal density environments.


The MEG B550 UNIFY offers 4 DIMM slots, but there is a special edition for extreme overclockers – MEG B550 UNIFY-X. This model comes with only 2 DIMM slots for an even clearer memory signal to explore the boundaries of memory overclocking and is ready to surpass all limits!

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MSI Confirms 400 Series Motherboards Support Zen 3

While we knew that AMD had confirmed that Ryzen 5000 processors would be compatible with existing B450 and X470 motherboards, it was also clear that each motherboard maker would need to offer such compatibility. Fortunately, MSI has decided to go all in by ensuring that all its X470 and B450 offerings provide support. That includes the company’s Max and non-Max models. 

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The MSI MPG B550I Gaming Edge WiFi is a mini-ITX motherboard based on the AMD B550 chipset that can serve as the basis for a gaming or work system using the most recent processors and graphics cards, as well as solid state drives with PCIe 4.0 interface. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Even somehow too good. But fact is fact – and now we will be convinced of it!

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The MEG UNIFY is relatively new to the MSI motherboard lineup and was first introduced when MSI first released the X570 UNIFY. According to the enthusiast community, the UNIFY boards are pretty much a stripped-down version of the feature-rich GODLIKE and ACE that has equivalent power design to the high-end tier boards, which is a very good deal for those who only want the performance and don’t really need the extra premium fancy features.

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The MSI MEG Z490i Unify is a tiny Mini-ITX motherboard. And in case you didn’t know, basing a new PC build on a Mini-ITX board comes with some fairly obvious compromises. A single 16-lane PCI-E port is a given for instance. You’d better not bank on lots of storage connectivity or multiple M.2 slots. Two memory DIMMs is your lot. You get the idea.

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The VRM for the ACE is the same as the Godlike with sixteen 90A power stages doubled from the same Intersil controller. The only difference is that the ACE does not have any VCCGT phases, which means your iGPU will not be powered, which can be a detriment if you need the iGPU for things such as quick sync.

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The MSI MEG Z490 Unify could be described as the simpler and above all cheaper MSI MEG Z490 ACE . In a direct comparison, it is not only visual similarities that are noticeable, but also technical ones. The two boards use exactly the same layout and are equipped almost identically. Differences? Yes, of course there are.

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MSI Releases Combo PI V2 v1.1.0.0 BIOS for 500-Series Motherboards

After the previous updating, MSI keeps making a great effort to offer optimized BIOS updates for AMD 500-series motherboards. With high expectations, the latest AMD Combo PI V2 version BIOS for X570 and B550 motherboards will be ready for users to download and update constantly from the end of September. As for A520 motherboards, Combo PI V2 version BIOS will be released by the end of October. In addition to AMD 500-series motherboards, the updated version is also expected to support AMD future processors. Please read the following information related to key points for the BIOS improvements.

  • Optimized compatibility for AMD Ryzen 3000-Series and Ryzen 4000 G-Series Desktop Processors and future AM4 socket processors*1
  • Solve some specific OC failure issues
  • Update SMU module
  • Optimized DDR4 memory overclocking solution

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