ASRock Z690 Taichi – Guru3D

This product is from a series that already appeared using the Z590 chipset, which we’ve reviewed not long ago. When looking at the overall specs, the ASRock Z690 Taichi isn’t much different from the predecessor, which would explain such a price difference. We can see the (not wanted) progress (?) in the prices as the new one is even more expensive, as the MSRP is 589.99 USD (that’s 130 USD more than Z590). For 629 USD, you can find the MSI Z690 Unify, and for about 600 USD, there’s an Asus Maximus Z690 Hero available. There are, of course, cheaper ASRock Z690 models like PG Velocita, Steel Legend (DDR4), so you should find your match.

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ASRock Z690 PG Velocita – TweakTown

ASRock is the last of the big four vendors to send over an Intel Z690 platform for us to test and review. The PG Velocita is an upper mid-range platform sitting under the Taichi, but above the Extreme, Steel Legend, and Pro series. It also happens to be one of the first Z690 boards to have the Intel Killer Suite that includes the AX1675 for WiFi6e and E3100G 2.5Gbe LAN.

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ASRock Z690 Steel Legend – GinjFo

As we pointed out, this Z690 Steel Legend supports DDR4. We manage a frequency up to 5000 MHz and more in OC. Its four memory slots allow installation of a maximum of 128 GB with support for XMP 2.0. This technology ensures rapid memory setting in the BIOS. The operation boils down to selecting the desired frequency and all the parameters are automatically updated.

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ASRock Launches Limited Edition Z690 AQUA and Z690 AQUA OC

January 6th 2022 – Leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is proud to announce its latest Z690 flagship motherboard, the ASRock Z690 AQUA. Designed to unlock the best of Intel® 12th Generation Core ‘K Series’ processors, the AQUA incorporates almost every leading feature imaginable. Looking as good as it cools, the Z690 AQUA truly stands out from all others.

“After the critical acclaim of our previous AQUA limited-edition motherboard, we’re extremely excited to launch the Z690 AQUA, which features our most impressive and innovative tuning and cooling technologies that are designed to break the boundaries of what PC performance is capable of.” Said Chris Lee, Vice President of ASRock motherboard and gaming monitor business unit.

Liquid-cooling, ARGB and OLED built-in

The Z690 AQUA features a water-cooling mono-block that efficiently cools both CPU and VRM, ensuring maximum performance while keeping the system completely chilled. ASRock includes a digital water leak detector in the package to ensure PC builders can create a legendary water-cooled machine in full confidence. Every PC builder demands addressable RGB effects that sync to their favorite colors and reflects their personal style, and the Z690 AQUA offers ARGB lighting and a built-in informational OLED display that can really draw the eye.

Extreme 19+1 phase 105A SPS Dr.MOS VRM design

To complement its impressive water-cooling hardware, underneath, a powerful 19+1 phase VRM design with 105 Amp SPS ensures the Intel® 12th Generation Core CPU always has enough power, even when highly overclocked. An unprecedented 12-layer PCB with 2oz copper layers ensures the Z690 AQUA is a flagship-grade motherboard through-and-through.

Extensive connectivity including Thunderbolt4

Ensuring maximum performance beyond the motherboard, two Thunderbolt4 ports give 40Gbps of performance are available, plus not just one, but two USB 3.2 Gen2x2 front panel connectors give an extra 20Gbps USB connectivity at the front of a PC chassis. Featuring 10Gbps AQUANTIA LAN, plus 2.5Gbps LAN and WiFi 6E, the Z690 AQUA ensures the widest variety of the fastest multi-gigabit connectivity is on hand to use, whatever your home networking needs.

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ASRock Z690 Extreme – FunkyKit

ASRock Z690 Extreme is one more motherboard from the Extreme series, which offers us high performance and stability. On the other hand, we won’t find too many additional things that usually raise the price but do not necessarily give us a much better experience. I wish to see at least a WiFi/Bluetooth from additional controllers that isn’t available in the European version.

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ASRock Z690 Steel Legend – Guru3D

ASRock delivers a Z690 that offers a bit more value, located just over 250 USD this motherboard however is loaded with premium features. Next to that, to save you some money on that total cost of build, you can use DDR4 memory on this motherboard.  This Z690 Alder Lake-ready motherboard features three M2 slots, and Dragon a 2.5 GigE connector, among other features. While the motherboard is a little more dimmed done in features, based on just three M2 slots and a handful of USDB connectors, really the performance is rock solid, even with DDR4 3600 in use. 

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ASRock Z690 Taichi – HKEPC

ASROCK launches a new generation of Z690 TAICHI Taiji motherboard, with excellent power supply design and perfect peripheral functions, achieving a perfect balance between esports players and creators, up to 20 phase 105 ASPS power supply module, giant VRM heatsink and full-width armor, KillerAX1675 Wi-Fi 6E and E3100G 2.5GbE network mode, dual Thunderbolt 4 interface, ESS SABRE 9218 DAC sound, The fully blackened color scheme sets off the golden gear decoration that symbolizes the Tai Chi series, and it is worth mentioning that the gears on the I/O will turn after power On, which is really stylish!!

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ASRock Z690 Steel Legend – GinjFo

This Z690 Steel Legend is available in Wi-Fi version or not. For the moment, ASRock only offers it in DDR4 edition. One of its weapons to tackle the competition is its look. The constructor is playing a tricky card because the camouflage style has its effect but can be offensive. It is always risky to offer a look outside the standard, it is a risk-taking that we can only welcome. In our eyes, the whole offers a worked and successful rendering especially at the level of the 6-layer PCB (2 ounces of copper). The marriage of white and black makes it possible to play on the contrast in order to highlight the equipment offering for its part white and silver.

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ASRock Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E

For USB lovers, you get 1 x front USB 3.2 Gen2x2 (Type-C), 2 x USB 3.2 Gen2 (Type-A+C), 8 x USB 3.2 Gen1 (4 Front, 4 Rear), and additional 4 x USB 2.0 (Front). And finally, for connectivity, you get the Dragon 2.5GB LAN as well as the WiFi 6e support via the onboard M.2 wifi module. Other connectors on the I/O panel include the PS/2 keyboard and mouse, HDMI port, DisplayPort, and connectors for your WiFi antenna, as well as an array of audio connectors. 

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