There are 8 places for installing hybrid cooling fans that also accept the installation of water cooling connectors, which were previously It was limited to certain places only, and if you make a mistake by installing it in another place, the pump or panel will be damaged, the speed of the fans can be regulated with temperature reading from sensors through the BIOS of the board or an attached program from within the operating system.

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ASRock W480 Creator

The ASRock W480 Creator is aimed primarily at creative minds and content creators. You notice this very quickly in the lavish furnishings. In addition to Bluetooth, WLAN with 802.11ax support and two really fast network cards, it also offers support for ECC memory and Nvidia Quadro cards.

The board layout is very well thought out and has been designed to accommodate many additional cards. The already existing PCIe 4.0 support is a great feature, provided that Intel supplies the corresponding processors.

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MSI has a tweaked and suped-up GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GAMING X TRIO on the review chopping block today, our first custom RTX 3060 Ti. I’ve got some stock and overclocked results, where I’ve pushed the card to its limits — 2145-2160MHz or so which provides some truly kick ass OC headroom on an already kick ass card.

I didn’t know if I would get the GAMING X TRIO right away considering MSI just released its new SUPRIM X family of cards — my review on the MSI RTX 3090 SUPRIM X and review on the MSI RTX 3080 SUPRIM X. But nope, we have the MSI RTX 3060 Ti GAMING X TRIO — which is actually a very impressive sub $500 graphics card.

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MSI opted to color the MAG B550 Tomahawk in a mixture of black and gray. Black is the more prominent color, but there’s a good amount of gray that adds contrast and keeps the board from looking too dull. MSI also put some RGB LEDs around the chipset heatsink that add some much-needed color to the board when it’s powered up.

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In case the name wasn’t a clue-and-a-half: This is no modest motherboard. MSI’s MEG Z490 Godlike is the company’s Intel Z490 flagship, competing directly with the likes of Asrock’s Z490 Taichi and Asus’ Z490 ROG Maximus XII Extreme in terms of both price and features. (The Z490 chipset is the top-end chipset for Intel’s latest desktop CPUs, allowing for extensive CPU and memory tweaking.) With an MSRP of $749.99, this deluxe motherboard certainly isn’t for the casual user or PC builder. 

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ASUS Adds Resizable BAR Support to Z490, H470 & B460 Motherboards

Resizable BAR (Base Address Register), the technology behind AMD’s Smart Access Memory (SAM), isn’t exclusive to Ryzen owners anymore. Asus has released an entire wave of new firmwares for various Z490 motherboards that enable the Resizable BAR feature.

The firmware, which sports the 1002 version number, is fresh out of the oven as Asus evidently uploaded it just yesterday. The firmware is currently in the beta stage so there might be some bugs here and there. It also lacks a detailed description of the changes. We can, however, confirm that the 1003 firmware effectively brings support for Resizable BAR, as evidenced by the newly added “Above 4G Decoding” and “Re-Size BAR Support” options in our ROG Maximus XII Apex motherboard’s BIOS.

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With the B550 chipset, AMD has added a cheap alternative to the X570. With the appearance of the more modern chipset, the board partners have of course also presented new mainboards, which have become more attractive overall. Because in addition to more up-to-date standards with regard to expansion slots and network features, the power supply was also often drilled out – as is the case with the MSI MPG B550 Gaming Carbon WiFi here.

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Palit GeForce RTX 3060 Ti DUAL OC

We review the actual budget offering of the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, in a Palit DUAL OC 8GB revision, it’s the value proposition from Palit. The 3060 Ti series are bound to please many as they offer proper gaming performance competing at GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER levels, even slightly above it. Armed with 8GB GDDR6 is might but just what the gaming community needs.

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The mini-ITX format is a delicate matter like aligning the legs of an LGA socket. Here, a factor such as congestion / oversaturation is already starting to play a role. Adding something over and above the standard set has to be greatly perverted, resorting to non-standard solutions, “sandwich” approach, daughter boards, and sometimes to changing the usual topology.

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