Intel QX6850 Core 2 Extreme

Intel QX6850 Core 2 Extreme @ TweakNews

“To boil it down, this processor will blow you mind if you ever personally witness it ripping through data and information like an F5 tornado through a Oklahoma trailer park. It is equally as awe-inspiring and you might just lose your house paying for it.”

Intel Q6600 Quad Core

Intel Q6600 Quad Core @ Hardware Logic

“It’s a difficult question, but certainly a valid one. Those looking for the best VALUE, I’ll usually recommend either Intel’s E6850, featuring two cores operating at 3.0GHz on a 1333FSB, or Intel’s Q6600, which offers four cores operating at 2.4GHz on a 1066FSB. Both the E6850 and Q6600 are available at most retailers in the $270-300 range, making them a great balance of performance and price.”

Intel X6800 Core 2 Extreme

Intel X6800 Core 2 Extreme @ TweakNews

“Is it worth the ~US$1000 current pricetag or is there something that is faster from Intel that can be purchased for the same money? Well, for one thing, you won’t need a new motherboard if you stick to the 1066Mhz FSB, but with the quad-core line dropping in price, will this processor be deemed the black sheep of Intel’s higher end processor lineup?”

ASRock 4Core 1333-eSATA2

ASRock 4Core 1333-eSATA2 @ Madshrimps

“ASRock introduces another new board 4Core 1333-eSATA2 using the newly released Intel P31 chipset in succession only days after the release of 4Core 1333-Viiv P965 main board. Can this board outperform and beat the P965 in performance and price?”

Foxconn X38A

Foxconn X38A @ Hardware Zone

“By now, you’ve probably seen all the major upcoming boards in the market from this year’s CeBIT and Computex coverages, but we happen to actually have a Foxconn X38 motherboard on hand to give you a closer preview of what to expect. For a high-end motherboard, the Foxconn X38A looks deceivingly subtle, with no fancy cooling or elaborate technology claims to be seen.”

Intel E6750 Core 2 Duo

Intel E6750 Core 2 Duo @ TweakNews

“The people that will be taking advantage of this new processor will be the new system builders trying to get their best bang for the buck at the moment. Seeing this processor can be purchased for under US$200, it is a lot cheaper than the US$320 E6700 it is replacing.”

abit IP35 Pro Off Limits

abit IP35 Pro Off Limits @ Virtual-Hideout

“For years, Universal abit has been manufacturing top of the line motherboards, and the trend still continues with the IP35 Pro. This motherboard is loaded features that any enthusiast or mainstream user would enjoy. The Intel P35 chipset is at the heart, and boasts great performance.”

Intel E6850 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo

Intel E6850 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo @ Virtual-Hideout

“Well, for years after that I was a true diehard AMD fan. That is, until the tides recently turned and the tsunami of C2D arrived on the shores. Recently, Intel has been dominating the processor scene with its new line of Core 2 Duo’s. Well, once again Intel has stepped up to the plate by literally stepping up the FSB from 1066 to 1333. This new line of CPU’s have a model of Exx50 which represents the 1333FSB.”

Foxconn G33M-S

Foxconn G33M-S @ Hexus

“We’re taking a close look at Foxconn’s microATX G33M-S mainboard. This G33-based board sports Intel’s latest integrated graphics processor, the GMA 3100, but can that get the better of the current IGP champion, AMD’s 690G?”