MSI B660 Motherboards w/Prices Leaked

The motherboard list comes from chi11eddog on Twitter who has previously leaked information on unreleased products including MSI’s flagship Z690 GODLIKE motherboard. The latest series of leaks include the upcoming B660 series motherboards which will be positioned in the mainstream board segment, starting at $119 US & going all the way up to $259 US, making them far more affordable compared to H670 and Z690 offerings:

MAG B660 Tomahawk WiFi – $259 US
MAG B660M Mortar WiFi – $239 US
MAG B660M Mortar – $219 US
MAG B660M Bazooka – $199 US
PRO B660-A – $209 US
PRO B660M-A- WiFi- $209 US
PRO B660M-A – $189 US
PRO B660M-G – $139 US
PRO B660M-B – $129 US
PRO B660M-E – $119 US

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