GIGABYTE’s Intel 12th Gen DRM Fix Tool for Z690 Motherboards

Nov. 19th, 2021 –Gigabyte Technology, one of the top global manufacturers of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions, announced today the GIGABYTE DRM Fix Tool to greatly improve the performance on certain game titles when using an 12th gen Intel processor and avoid possible issues when running those games.

Earlier this month, Intel® just released the latest 12th generation processors with the advantages of new architecture and high performance to the market. However, users are aware that the E-cores in processors may trigger the DRM software to incorrectly recognize them as another system. GIGABYTE releases the new GIGABYTE DRM Fix Tool on 600 series platform in response to this issue. By this Windows-based utility, users can easily switch on and off the E-Cores on the fly to avoid abnormal game operation due to the DRM issue.

GIGABYTE’s DRM Fix Tool requires the latest BIOS version in order to have impact. Users can easily control the status of the E-cores through the UI of this utility without any complicated installation. GIGABYTE’s DRM Fix Tool provides a much easier solution to the DRM issue compared to other solutions which require adjusted BIOS settings, PS/2 keyboard connection, or even exclusive button on the chassis and keyboard.

GIGABYTE DRM Fix Tool and its related BIOS are ready on the GIGABYTE official site. Please visit GIGABYTE’s website and download for the latest BIOS version and the GIGABYTE DRM Fix Tool.

For more product information, please visit GIGABYTE official website:

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