ASUS ProArt Z690-CREATOR WIFI – GreenTech_Reviews

ASUS ProArt Z690-Creator WiFi comes in a box with a Creator series design Рin black with golden inserts that form the name of the series. On the front side, you can also find out the full name of the model and see several logos of the technologies used.

On the back of the box, the manufacturer posted technical specifications and highlighted several key features of the model – these are the presence of two Thunderbolt 4 ports in the Type-C version (40 Gbps each), the presence of two built-in network adapters with speeds of 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps. c, support for PCIe standard 5.0 with the main x16 slot, support for four M.2 drives with PCIe standard 4.0, as well as support for the ASUS Control Center Express software package.

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