TechSpot: Intel B560 is a Disaster

Depending on the B560 motherboard, performance of locked 65 watt parts like the 11400 and 11700 can be negatively impacted by over 30%. That’s right, we’re not talking about parts like the Core i9-11900K, but rather processors you will be using with a budget B560 motherboard.

Prior to this testing, the only B560 board that I had looked at was the MSI B560 Tomahawk which we used to review and benchmark the 11400F for our review. Performance was identical to Z590 boards I’d tested from the likes of Asus, MSI and Gigabyte. MSI even told me it was to be expected that B560 motherboards would offer the same level of performance as their Z590 counterparts, but it turns out that’s not always the case. Far from it.

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