MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO – itndaily

Why is the MSI MAG Z590 Torpedo device of interest to an overclocker? Yes, because a solid Duet Rail power subsystem (14 + 2 + 1) is installed here, cooled by powerful radiators. The CPU has a pair of connectors (8 + 4-pin), so power problems during overclocking are excluded.

The MSI MAG Z590 Torpedo has a large number of drive connectors. These are six classic SATA III sockets , and as many as three M.2 sockets , one of which is called Lightning M.2, it is able to host a PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD.

By the way, only three mentioned connectors are protected by radiators, one remained completely bare , but in our opinion, this is an insignificant problem, given that many high  speed solid – state devices are equipped with miniature aluminum plates.

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