ASRock Z590 PG Velocita

This is a product from the Phantom Gaming range, which includes the Phantom Gaming 4 mATX, the 4/ac, and the Phantom Gaming ITX boards. Asrock has also the Taichi, Extreme, Steel Legend, and Pro series, so you can choose whichever tier suits you. The PG Velocita is a higher-end product line within the Phantom Gaming family. “Velocità” is Italian for “Velocity”, and here it’s supposed to tell you that this is the top product in the PG range. Still, if we compare it with the rest of the Asrock line-up, this is actually more of a mid-tier Intel socket 1200 board. It should give you the most important features, while also providing a level of stability and extras you won’t find in the cheaper models. The design is very attractive. Dynamic, yet stylish, the Asrock Z590 PG Velocita uses a black-and-silver design, on an all-black PCB.

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