AMD AGESA Patch A BIOS Start Rolling Out

Over at Wccftech, they’ve posted a fantastic listing of motherboards that have rolled out the AMD AGESA Patch A:

AMD was meant to release its AGESA BIOS Firmware to address the USB connectivity issues faced by several users however, it seems like the company has fast-forwarded the release with the AGESA Patch A BIOS Firmware which is currently being offered by two motherboard makers, MSI & ASRock. The AGESA BETA BIOS Firmware was also expected to launch in early April & it looks like some board makers weren’t exactly happy with the timeframe it would take to release a fix for the intermittent USB issues that plagued the AMD Ryzen 5000 (X570 / B550) platform.

Looking to rev to the latest drop? Head over to see if your board has an update available.