Memory Overclocking on Intel H570 and B560 Chipsets? Yep.

Now that the veil has been lifted on the Intel 500 motherboards, more details are coming out on what new features we’ll have to play with. In the past, memory overclocking was limited to the top-end Z series, but it looks like Intel is now going to allow that on both the H570, as well as B560 chipsets. While they lack CPU overclocking support, at least now we can have a little fun with boards based off of these lower cost chipsets.

The H570 and B560 chipsets now support memory overclocking (memory above DDR4-3200), but you still need to pair the respective motherboard with a Core i5 and above processor. Core i3 and below still stick to DDR4-2666. It’s not the full mile, but it’s something nonetheless. In the past, pairing a Core i9 chip on an H-or B-series chipset meant you were locked out from using faster memory.

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