AMD AGESA Update – Infinity Fabric OC Improved?

AMD announced a new update to AGESA code for Ryzen 5000 platforms that offers improved fabric overclocking stability and supports Windows 10’s s0i3 sleep state. The update also adds support for passively-cooled X570 motherboards. The new AGESA code will come as future BIOS/UEFI updates for Ryzen 5000 series motherboards. 

AMD has enhanced fabric overclocking support to improve stability with 1800-2000 MHz fabric clocks. That’s a nice jump over the typical limit of 1600 MHz. This expanded support will allow users to run their higher-clocked memory, like DDR4-3800 and DDR4-4000, in the 1:1:1 mode that offers the lowest latency (and thus best performance in most apps). 

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