AMD Threadripper Pro 3995WX – 64 Cores of Power

AnandTech has an in-depth review today of AMD’s 64-core monster, the Threadripper Pro 3995WX. Obviously, 64-core is meant for serious computational workloads like rendering. These chips alone roll in at an MSRP approach $5,500. Is it worth the price relative to competition though?

These Threadripper Pro offerings are designed to compete against two segments: first is AMD themselves, showcasing anyone who is using a high-end professional system built on first generation Zen hardware that there is a lot of performance to be had. The second is against Intel workstation customers, either using single socket Xeon W (which tops out at 28 cores), or a dual socket Xeon system that costs more or uses a lot more power, just because it is dual socket, but also has a non-uniform memory architecture.

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