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January 1st, 2010

..:: Mission Statement ::.., founded in January 2001, is an online editorial specializing is motherboards, as well as other core computer hardware devices such as modern microprocessors, memory, and graphics technologies. is dedicated to providing the most accurate, detailed, and professional product reviews possible, while making sure to eliminate bias. promotes consumer awareness in the computing industry, as well as utilizing funds to support philanthropy.

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If you’re a business leader, marketing representative, or simply a common visitor wondering why you should help support, the answer is quite simple. As our mission statement discusses, is dedicated to writing the best product reviews possible, while eliminating the bias that has come to taint many other online editorials. allows for the consumer to research motherboards through the use of our extensive “Motherboard Review Database”. has also been an avid supporter of the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. When product reviews have been finished, those products are then placed up for purchase in an electronic silent auction. This type of year round effort is relatively new to the online computer editorial realm. Normally, review items are kept or sold for personal gain. takes it one step further, and sells review items to benefit and enrich the lives of injured and ill children, along with their families. In January 2005, was able to purchase $100 in gasoline gift cards, enough for roughly 1,150 miles of travel in an average vehicle. Since then, also donated roughly $1,000 to the fund for building a new Children’s Hospital

The answer should seem clear. By supporting, you’re also helping to support the individuals and communities that need help on a year round basis. goes far beyond a typical online editorial, and if this site is to be remembered for anything, let it be this. Thank you all for your continued support.

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