This is the first of Ryzen compatible B450 motherboards that we will be checking out as the B450 chipset was just recently announced by AMD a couple of weeks ago. One of the great things that AMD has to offer is that their current line up of Ryzen processors, both 1st and 2nd generation, are…

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ASRock B450M Pro4

With the ASRock B450M Pro4 we test an inexpensive Micro ATX motherboard for the new AMD Ryzen 2000 CPU series. We have tested and overclocked this AMD AM4 uATX motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G processor with integrated GPU and with an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU. Since the ASRock B450M Pro4 is backwards compatible to the first AMD Ryzen 1000 CPU series, we have also tested it with the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU in comparison to the AMD X370 and B350. 

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For this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the first B450 chipset motherboard in our lab, the Gigabyte B450 AORUS M. Some of the notable mention of the motherboard includes the support for both AMD 1st and 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs, as well as the Ryzen APU with Vega graphics, DDR4 memory support for up to 3200MHz and of course, not restricting the end-users from overclocking both the CPU and memory on a mid-end motherboard.

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Like most Z370 boards, the Maximus X Hero does share a lot of features with the Z270 variant, in this case, the Maximus IX Hero. Well, today I’m going to check out the board and see what it has to offer and see if this is the board you want to get if you are planning a higher end Z370 build right now.

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ASRock B450M Pro4

Today we will present ASRock B450M Pro4 so a cheaper gaming motherboard which offers more than we could expect. Recently small motherboards are becoming more popular in gaming computers because they offer about as much to a typical gamer as full ATX form factor motherboards.

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MSI MEG X399 Creation

We don’t think you’d be too disappointed aesthetically for splashing out, and there’s plenty of RGB lighting to go around too, illuminating the I/O shroud, chipset heatsink, and underside of the PCB in addition to three-pin addressable and four-pin 5050 RGB LED headers on the PCB.

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The X470 Gaming M7 AC carves a meaty $229 out of your PC build or upgrade budget, but many gamers will consider its bling potential and tweaking tools well worth the price. Those aiming for a simpler build and who won’t be overclocking their Ryzen can opt for a more budget-friendly B350-based board.

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