Zotac A75-ITX Wi-Fi

Zotac A75-ITX Wi-Fi @ OCC

“While you can get the same performance as the Zotac A75-ITX WiFi for less money, the board’s features help to make up for the extra cost. For instance you’ll be able to utilize a total of six USB 3.0 ports and each of the board’s four SATA connectors are SATA 3 6Gb/s. The board is also equipped with dual 10/100/1000Mbps LAN connectors, as well as integrated IEEE 802.11n WiFi networking.”

Zotac A75-ITX WiFi

Zotac A75-ITX WiFi @ Bjorn3D

“At retail pricing of $146, the Zotac A75-ITX WiFi is certainly worth considering if you plan to build a small foot-print  media PC. By pairing this up with a 65W AMD A8 or A6 APUs, you can have a very nice system that is able to handle your multimedia streaming and HD encoding with the HD 6650D that is found on the Llano APU.”

Biostar TA990FXE

Biostar TA990FXE @ X-Bit Labs

“At first glance Biostar mainboards are exactly the same as all others, but if you take a closer look at them you will find a lot of peculiarities and distinguishing features. Biostar TA990FXE is based on a combination of AMD 990FX North Bridge and AMD SB950 South Bridge, so it will be interesting to find out how it is different from similar products from other mainboard makers available today.”

ASUS P9X79 Pro

ASUS P9X79 Pro @ TweakTown

“Out of the ASUS boards we’ve looked at which include the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, the ASUS Sabertooth X79 along with the P9X79 Deluxe we linked to just above as well, the P9X79 Pro is actually the cheapest option out of the four boards we’ve checked out. What does the drop in price mean, though?”


ASUS P8Z68-V LX @ eTeknix

“Couple this fantastic value with a range of components that can really be pushed to their limits including the 2500k, 2600k and the newest 2700k processors and you have a system that will last the test of time, or at least until Intel bring out Ivy Bridge.”

ASUS P9X79 Pro

ASUS P9X79 Pro @ Bjorn3D

“When we first heard about the ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard, we knew right off the bat that it would most likely be an excellent motherboard, but we did not actually think that ASUS will be able to put so many features onto a single motherboard.”


EVGA Z68 FTW @ Legit Reviews

“One area that we had a pleasure playing with was our overclocking experience with the EVGA Z68 FTW. With only a few minor tweaks in the UEFI BIOS of the EVGA Z68 FTW we were able to bring the Intel Core i7 2600K to a solid 4.8GHz overclock. That’s a solid 1.4 GHz over the stock clock speed of 3.4GHz that the Intel Core i7 2600K comes out of the box with.”

Gigabyte E350N-USB3 Fusion

Gigabyte E350N-USB3 Fusion @ PC Perspective

“I had high expectations for this E-350 motherboard, but the benchmark results didn’t give me what I was looking for from this board. The next Fusion APUs will provide better CPU performance as well as graphics and multimedia capabilities to help boost this platform into something consumers will drool over for their next home theater PC.”

ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe

ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe @ BigBruin

“The ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe Z68 LGA 1155 motherboard (Rev 1.0) comes packed with Bluetooth, a front USB 3.0 hub, plenty of internal and external SATA 6Gbps connections, and support for SLI/CrossFire X. This board has the newer generation UEFI BIOS and supports all sorts of settings that allow for advanced overclocking.”

Gigabyte Z68AP-D3

Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 @ eTeknix

“The Z68AP-D3 Z68 motherboard offers the fantastic value needed, without skimping on the features, and actually offers some unique features that other boards don’t including the mSATA connector on board, and is the first to implement this onto a standard desktop motherboard.”