Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3-1600

Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3-1600 @ Hexus

“The self-titled ‘memory experts’ launched a Ballistix line of high-performance memory a while back, primed to appeal to the enthusiast who’d usually look toward Corsair and OCZ for cutting-edge RAM. Ballistix was augmented with flashy (literally!) Tracer memory, which added some bling. Now, that Tracer series is available in three colours with LEDs to match.”

OCZ Platinum 6GB DDR3-1600

OCZ Platinum 6GB DDR3-1600 @ PureOC

“Today we’re looking at a set OCZ Platinum 6GB triple channel DDR3-1600 modules, sticks that appear to offer great aesthetics at a great price. But what about performance? We think Performance is King, so we’ll see if the missing link in the equation here is indeed missing or not with these OCZ Platinum sticks.”

OCZ Tri-Channel 1600 Platinum

OCZ Tri-Channel 1600 Platinum @ Bjorn3D

“With the onslaught of Intel’s newest chipset and CPU’s giving us users more memory bandwidth but also increasing the number of channels to the memory. Its only natural for memory manufacturers to follow suit with this newer standard. OCZ has been quiet on this front for some time, but not any more. We at Bjorn3D are going to be looking at a set of Tri Channel memory from OCZ technologies, the Platinum 1600 7-7-7-24 timings DDR3 Tri Channel memory.”

Intel Q8300

Intel Q8300 @ Neoseeker

“The Q8300 is easy on your hydro bill, and gives pretty darn good performance for the buck. Its overclocking is limited by the 1333MHz FSB, but you are extremely likely to be able to run at 3.375GHz (450×7.5) on any decent motherboard, and that is 175MHz faster than the stock speed of the extremely expensive QX9770.”

AMD Phenom II X4 810 & X3 720

AMD Phenom II X4 810 & X3 720 @ TechGage

“Phenom II may have just launched last month, but AMD didn’t want to waste time in following-up with their first AM3-based processors. We’re taking a look at two, including the X4 810 and X3 720 ‘Black Edition’. Both offer great performance at their respective price-points, but the X3 became the more appealing chip, thanks to its overclocking ability.”

WD Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB

WD Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB @ FutureLooks

“Though you can almost get that with the many 640GB 2-platter models that dot the landscape, true performance comes with drives like the VelociRaptor or any of the solid state drives out there. Western Digital is hoping to break that trend with their “Black Edition” Caviar hard drives.”

MSI Memory Lover

MSI Memory Lover @ PCShopTalk

“The board does also does feature pins for an extra COM connector, for a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) which is not included; the JFP2 features the pins for the speaker connector and the power led connector; the JFP1 features the pins for the reset switch,HDD led, power LED, power switch connector; this motherboard also has a total of 8 SATA connectors onboard and pins to connect a total of 8 USB 2.0 connectors.”

Foxconn Quantum Force X58 BloodRage

Foxconn Quantum Force X58 BloodRage @ TweakTown

“X58 based motherboards are popping up thick and fast. And why not? – Core i7 is Intel’s new cash cow and its performance is beyond anything that Core 2 could ever hope for. Thanks to the on-chip memory controller, Intel has finally abandoned the old FSB interface for this high-end CPU and move to a more data friendly bus between the Northbridge and the CPU. No longer are memory transactions between CPU and DRAM required to go across a limited bus.”

MSI G45M Digital

MSI G45M Digital @ HardwareZone

“Core i7 may be the latest thing in town, but it is not for everyone. The hefty cost of the Core i7 platform is such that only the well-off can afford such an upgrade at times as uncertain as now. Fortunately, Intel’s wide range of chipsets means that there’s something for everyone. And for those seeking to build a budget system or even a modest home theater PC (HTPC), the MSI G45M Digital, featuring Intel’s G45 chipset is not to be overlooked.”

ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe WiFi-APn

ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe WiFi-APn @ TBreak

“Today we have a look at what is dubbed as a power saving motherboard that is also capable of above average performance. The Asus P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP @n (what a long model name) is an Intel P45 chipset based motherboard with DDR3 memory and ATi’s CrossFireX technology support. This variant of the P5Q3 Deluxe motherboard comes bundled with WiFi hardware, hence the extra long model name.”