XFX & Zotac nForce 790i 3-Way SLI

XFX & Zotac nForce 790i 3-Way SLI @ Digit-Life

“We decided it would be logical to merge reviews of XFX nForce 790i Ultra 3-Way SLI and Zotac nForce 790i-Supreme into one article, because both products are, in fact, reference boards that were ordered by NVIDIA from its manufacturer. Thus, if you are going to buy something similar from another company (e.g. EVGA), this article will also be useful.”

ASUS P5E64 WS Professional X38

ASUS P5E64 WS Professional X38 @ Think Computers

“Today I will be looking at ASUS’ workstation motherboard based on the X38 chipset, the P5E64WS Professional. It is similar to the earlier board in that it has the capability for a quad of graphics cards, DDR3 system memory, and other features that will satisfy the enthusiast as well as the engineer. This one has even more features for the enthusiast, and a much more serious heatpipe cooling system.”

X48 Roundup: ASUS, ECS & Intel

X48 Roundup: ASUS, ECS & Intel @ TechGage

“With so much X48 selection on the market, choosing the right board can be tough. To help make the choice easier, we are taking a look at three such boards all at once, ASUS’ DDR2 Rampage Formula and also the DDR3 ECS X48T-A and Intel’s DX48BT2.”

MSI P45 Platinum

MSI P45 Platinum @ Neoseeker

“Everything was fine until I tried to go over 450MHz FSB. It then became intensely painful, as most attempts would result in the board not posting – and even worse yet, not recovering, requiring that I clear the CMOS pretty much after every attempt.”


ECS X48T-A @ Guru3D

“Typically an X48 chipset based mainboard will start at roughly 250 USD. The two chips the mainboard manufacturer has to purchase from Intel total up towards 90 USD alone. Pretty high-end gear for sure as Intel’s X48 chipset brings support for the all new 1600 MHz FSB processors, two 16x PCI-E 2.0 slots, which you can use for ATI CrossFire, two ATI graphics cards and heaps of nice features.”



“When it came to overclocking the Intel Core 2 Q9450 on the ASUS P5QL-E I ran into a few problems getting it stable anywhere above 2940MHz (420×7). Leaving all of the voltage settings on auto, I was able to get the FSB frequency all the way up to 400MHz with a multiplier of 7x. However, I did end up jumping to 1.355V on the CPU voltage to get it stable at 420MHz x 7 Multi giving me the speed of 2940MHz.”

ECS GF8200A Black Series

ECS GF8200A Black Series @ Hardware Secrets

“GF8200A Black Series is an entry-level socket AM2+ motherboard with on-board video from ECS based on GeForce 8200 (MCP78M-A) chipset from nVidia. Since it features an HDMI output, this board is clearly targeted to users willing to build a media center PC based on an AMD CPU like Athlon X2. In this review we will compare the performance of GeForce 8200 to its main competitor, AMD 780G. Check it out.”

MSI P45 Platinum

MSI P45 Platinum @ Motherboards.org

“The board was stable throughout testing and performed about on average with other P45 boards we have seen. One cool feature of the board is the GreenPower utility which can save energy when enabled. This is similar in concept to the EPU on ASUS motherboards and the Dynamic Energy Saver on the Gigabyte motherboards.”

XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI

XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI @ TweakTown

“Today‚Äôs adventure takes us back once again to NVIDIA, which seems to be getting a lot of press lately. The introduction of the GTX200 Series GPU has brought NVIDIA new fame with impressive scores. And with the option of SLI, NVIDIA has another ace up its sleeve; the only chipsets to support it.”


ASUS P5Q-E @ Think Computers

“Today I am looking at the Asus P5Q-E, one of Asus’ three budget-minded P45 motherboards, this one supporting CrossfireX, with two x 8 slots, and one x 4 slot (the primary PCI-E slot is x 16 when a single video card is used). It also sports heatpipe chipset cooling, and other features we’d expect only on Asus boards costing much more, all with an energy-saving theme. How will this board stand up to the requirements of enthusiasts?”