ECS A780GM-A @ PC Per

“The general performance of the ECS A780GM-A was great. It performed on par in all tests with other boards of its class. It would make a great workstation or HTPC board. Serious gamers will probably look elsewhere, but the integrated graphics would suit High Definition media well.”

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 @ Think COmputers

“Gigabyte was one of the first two computer hardware companies that I was aware of, along with Kingston memory. More than a decade before I decided to build my own rig, I had seen Gigabyte’s name associated with motherboards. They have been around since 1986, the dawn of the era of the PC.”

ASUS P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP

ASUS P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @ TechGage

“X48 is new, but there are many boards already begging for your dollars. We are taking a look at the most robust of them all, the P5E3 Premium, which includes built-in WiFi, a great board design and fantastic overclocking abilities. It would almost be a perfect board if it weren’t for the $375 price tag.”

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 @ OC Club

“Overclocking the X48T-DQ6 was in all respects just the same as the X48-DQ6. The Q9450 I use in my reviews ran up on the same 470FSB limit that it did on the DDR2 version of the board. This limited my memory overclock to only 940MHz at 8-8-8-24 1t. Tweaking the voltages and timings did not allow me to progress any further.”


ASUS P5K PRO @ Big Bruin

“When people think of energy efficiency they may have the misconception that it has to equate to a lack of power and excitement. In terms of automobiles, perhaps thinking that all hybrids are like a Prius. But what we have with the P5K PRO is a sporty, high performance model that just happens to have a smart design capable of saving energy.”



“The chipset North Bridge cooler is too tall to be shipped preinstalled, so it comes separately with an additional installation manual, a syringe with the thermal compound and even a special card for even spreading of the compound on the chipset heat-spreader. According to DFI web-site, this cooler was designed y Thermalright that is why its superb efficiency pointed out in our previous articles comes as no surprise to us.”

ASUS PQ5 Deluxe

ASUS PQ5 Deluxe @ Bjorn3D

“The P5Q Deluxe is one of ASUS’s top of the line P45 based boards, and like the majority of these boards being released, utilizes DDR2 in lieu of the newer DDR3. We can only surmise this is to spare the consumer the substantial cost of the newer memory while still maintaining above average performance.”

XFX nForce 630i GeForce 7150

XFX nForce 630i GeForce 7150 @ Hot Hardware

“We’re writing to let you all know that we have just posted a new article at HotHardware in which we evaluate the features, performance, and value of XFX’s nForce 630i GeForce 7150 based motherboard, the cryptically named MG-630I-7159. Thanks to its integrated graphics processor, the MG-630I-7159 sports VGA, DVI, and HDMI outputs, and it’s got some other handy on-board features as well, like an LED POST code error reporter and micro power and reset switches.”

abit I-N73HD

abit I-N73HD @ TweakTown

“AMD and NVIDIA are now pushing towards a more power conscious chipset market with integrated features in order to boost their value. This can only mean good things for end users who not only get a more power friendly based PC (and in todays green market, this is big brownie points), but also features that weren’t previously added.”


ASUS Striker II NSE @ Benchmark Reviews

“The ASUS Striker II NSE nForce 790i SLI motherboard provides true triple PCIe 2.0/16x lanes with support for 3‐Way SLI and Quad SLI. It includes 60 PCI Express lanes and 10 links, six SATA ports, one eSATA port, 10 USB, and two Gigabit Ethernet NVIDIA MAC, ATA‐133 interface, two PCI slots, and HD audio. Impressive right?”